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Which tiered tray stands are best?

Tiered tray stands are a classic feature of many events and other serving opportunities, and it’s not surprising why. For one, they make it easier to serve food to multiple people while also making most foods look even more delicious than they already do. To choose the best tiered tray, you’ll need to decide how many tiers you want it to include, how large you want it to be and what you plan to use it for.

For something simple and practical, this YHOSSEUN Tiered Tray Stand with Three Porcelain Platters offers a few excellent surfaces for serving and at a price that’s reasonable.

What to know before you buy a tiered tray stand

Serving needs

The best tiered serving trays for your needs will mainly depend on your own personal serving needs. If you’re buying a tiered tray stand for a specific event or a one-time purpose, you’ll probably want to match the tray stand with other decor or at least with the capacity and quantity of tray space for the items you want to give to your guests.

Tray size

The size of each tray in a tiered tray stand will affect multiple factors, including how large you need your tray stand or stands to be overall, how much food you can fit on each plate and how many tiered tray stands you need to purchase to fulfill your needs.

Quantity of tiers

Similarly, the number of tiers you want your tiered tray stand or stands to include will affect how much food you can fit on a given product. Most tiered tray stands will include between two and four tiers for serving, with most buyers simply adding more stands to the equation beyond these needs.

What to look for in a quality tiered tray stand


Most importantly, buyers shouldn’t need to worry if their tray stands are going to remain stable enough to keep food on them. In addition, user interaction with the tiered tray stand requires added stability since use by multiple people increases the risk that the trays could take a fall — if the stand isn’t steady enough.


A well-designed tiered tray stand can both save space and add a visually appealing element to any food items. Depending on your style, you can find tiered tray stands in antique or contemporary styles to fit in with a wide range of popular aesthetics.

Easy to store

You likely won’t be using your tiered tray stand all the time, though if you are, there’s no shame in that. If you aren’t, it might be worth looking into a tiered tray stand model that’s easy to store, like some that can be collapsed and folded up, or like others that let the user separate the dishes from the stand.

How much you can expect to spend on tiered tray stands

Depending on the material, the quantity of tiers and overall quality of a tiered tray stand, you should be able to find a model within your budget. For a cheap tiered tray stand, you can often expect to pay around $10-$20, while most average and higher-quality tray stands usually range from around $30-$50.

Tiered tray stand FAQ

Can you make a tiered tray stand yourself?

A. While it is possible to make a DIY tiered tray stand, it’s probably safest to buy one that’s more durable and stable from a company that manufactures them. Still, if you already have the plates or platters, ensuring you put together a sturdy frame for them is all you really have left to do.

Are metal tiered tray stands better than other models?

A. Different tiered tray stands may work better for the needs of some than for others, so it’s tough to say if metal tiered tray stands are considered better. Still, they often have the advantage of being more durable, neatly folding up and being easy to stow away when you aren’t using them as a serving dish.

What are the best tiered tray stands to buy?

Top tiered tray stand

YHOSSEUN Tiered Tray Stand with Three Porcelain Serving Platters

YHOSSEUN Tiered Tray Stand with Three Porcelain Serving Platters

What you need to know: This tiered tray stand features three white porcelain serving plates and a cascading metal rack that’s great for serving at events, in the home or in the office.

What you’ll love: Along with its simple aesthetic, this tiered tray stand features three separate 14-inch porcelain trays, with the top plate measuring to just over 9 inches tall when assembled. This serving platter can also be bought with stands in either black or gold finishes.

What you should consider: Some said buyers should be careful when moving this tiered tray stand, saying it wasn’t as stable as they had hoped.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top tiered tray stand for the money

Masirs Collapsible Tiered Tray Stand with Three Plastic Platters

Masirs Collapsible Tiered Tray Stand with Three Plastic Platters

What you need to know: For those trying to save space and money, this collapsible tiered tray stand is perfect for events and buying in bulk, offering three different levels of serving platters.

What you’ll love: Made from food-safe plastic, users don’t need to be concerned about shattering this serving tray, unlike with porcelain, glass or other breakable tiered tray stands. They also fold up easily for storage needs between uses.

What you should consider: This tiered tray stand may not be suitable for heavier food items.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Jusalpha Large Tiered Tray Stand with Four Square Acrylic Serving Platters

Jusalpha Large Tiered Tray Stand with Four Square Acrylic Serving Platters

What you need to know: This four-tier serving stand is a great, simple option for serving and displaying an array of items, and it’s made from acrylic for a nice, clear aesthetic.

What you’ll love: This tiered tray stand’s clear appearance makes it particularly useful for drawing attention to the served foods themselves, and it offers 4 inches between each level for plenty of reaching room.

What you should consider: This product may not be as durable as tiered tray stands in plastic or metal.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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