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Which Nike crew socks are best?

Nike has been a staple in the athletic sock market for years. Whether you want socks that look good casually or perform well on the field — or a pair that does a bit of both — there’s a Nike crew sock that you’ll love. If you want a good overall solution for athletic and casual endeavors, a pair of the classic Nike Elite Crew Socks still do the job.

What to know before you buy Nike crew socks


Nike makes both casual and athletic crew socks. If you’re looking for athletic socks, Nike offers sport-specific socks as well as more general options. If you plan to use these for sports or working out, you’re better off staying with athletic options and away from cotton blends.


Good Nike socks can cost more than most other options. If that’s in your budget, you should consider buying the socks in pairs. Socks sold exclusively in pairs have better technology and are more focused on the sport they’re designed for. If you’re working with a smaller budget, crew socks in packs can save you money per pair. Usually, these are available in packs of three or six.


Nike offers socks in regular, light and thick cushioning options. Usually, a regular thickness sock is fine. If you’re a runner, you may prefer a lighter cushion. For longer runs, though, a regular cushion sock may be best. For sports like basketball or football that require intense lateral movement, Nike makes sport-specific socks with targeted cushioning for comfort. If choosing a well-cushioned Nike sock, make sure your shoes or cleats have enough room to accommodate them.

What to look for in quality Nike crew socks

Moisture-wicking technology

Nike’s Dri-FIT technology is at the front of the pack when it comes to keeping your feet dry. The same technology that keeps shirts and shorts dry during intense activity is found in the socks they make.

Differing heights and sizes

While crew socks are generally relegated to one height, Nike offers a mini crew option as well. For those with larger calves who can never get crew socks to fit correctly, a mini crew may eliminate that concern entirely. Of course, with multiple size options, finding the perfect fit is straightforward.


It may seem superfluous, but the Deion Sanders “look good, feel good, play good” quote applies here. With a number of color options in Nike’s best sock choices, you can find your favorite color, design or something that matches your team’s uniform.

How much you can expect to spend on Nike crew socks

You can expect to spend $10-$20 a pair for good Nike crew socks. If you buy in a multi-pack, you may spend under $10 per pair.

Nike crew socks FAQ

Should I buy sport-specific Nike crew socks?

A. Nike makes crew socks for football, basketball, soccer and running. You’ll want sport-specific calf socks for soccer, and most runners prefer the lighter sock options.

Can I work out in cotton socks?

A. Cotton is never the best choice for athletic pursuits, even if it’s more comfortable. While technical socks can sometimes be less comfortable than cotton socks, cotton soaks through quickly.

If you’re set on cotton socks, Nike makes athletic socks that are a cotton and polyester blend. You can use these, but for intense workouts you’ll probably want a full technical fiber pair instead.

Should I buy crew socks over ankle socks?

A. Not always, but crew socks will offer the bonus of Achilles protection. This may not matter as much to you if you’re a runner. If you play football or basketball, especially in mid- or high-top cleats or shoes, you can rub your Achilles tendon in ankle socks and cause discomfort while playing.

What are the best Nike crew socks to buy?

Top Nike crew socks

Nike Elite Crew Socks

Nike Elite Crew Socks

What you need to know: The classic crew sock from Nike looks slightly different than in years past but is still just as good.

What you’ll love: There are few athletic socks that wick sweat as well as the Nike Elites do. Anatomical left- and right-specific fits with multiple size options means you can find a sock that fits you perfectly no matter your shoe size. There are lots of color options available.

What you should consider: Since they’re made for basketball, they may have more padding than some users need.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Top Nike crew socks for the money

Nike Everyday Cushion Crew Three-Pack

Nike Everyday Cushion Crew Three-Pack

What you need to know: Buying in bulk will save you a few dollars per sock.

What you’ll love: These well-cushioned socks work for casual wear and athletic uses. These three packs are available in black, white, gray or one pair of each color. Spandex is in the footbed, which should give a more secure hold and reduce slippage.

What you should consider: At 69% cotton, these aren’t the best use for intense athletic pursuits. There is no left/right-specific fit option.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Nike Spark Cushioned Crew Running Socks

Nike Spark Cushioned Crew Running Socks

What you need to know: If you want a running-specific sock with a bit of cushion, these are Nike’s best option.

What you’ll love: These socks have the same left/right-specific fit as Nike’s higher-end crew socks. Dri-FIT technology and ventilated mesh keeps you dry and comfortable even on the longest of runs. Padding is comfortable but unintrusive. 

What you should consider: For other sports, these socks probably aren’t cushioned enough. For runners preferring a lighter sock, these may be overkill.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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