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Which golf nets are best?

It’s not always possible to head out to the golf driving range to practice your golf swing, but if you have a golf net, you can hit golf balls regularly and improve your golf game right in your own backyard without the expense and hassle of visiting the range. The SteadyDoggie Golf Net Bundle is a stellar golf practice net.

What to know before you buy a golf net

Consider the durability 

Your golf net needs to be rugged and durable enough to stand up to regular practice without too much wear and tear. You can use all golf nets inside, but if you plan to use it on your driveway or lawn, you should make sure that it can handle any inclement weather. 

Think about the portability 

The support structure of the golf net is composed of either aluminum or fiberglass, which means you have a lightweight golf net that’s simple to carry around. Just make sure that the golf net is easy to break apart and put together if you are going to be taking it apart regularly for storage or transporting it from one place to another.

Find a stable golf net

Some golf nets feature ground stakes to help stabilize the net when you’re playing with it outside. Other nets have some kind of non-skid material or rubber feet on the bottom of the frame to keep it from moving when you’re playing inside.

What to look for in a quality golf net

Driving vs. chipping

There are two different kinds of golf practice nets, including chipping nets and driving nets. Driving nets are net-size driving ranges, while chipping nets are smaller and meant to help you practice your golf shots closer to the green.

Ball return

Some golf nets come with some kind of automatic ball return, which helps if you don’t want to spend a ton of time chasing the golf balls around.

Turf mat

Turf mats should be used with all golf nets for shot consistency. They also help protect your garage floor, lawn and other surfaces where you use the golf net.

How much you can expect to spend on a golf net

Golf nets range in price from about $30 to hundreds of dollars. The most inexpensive golf nets go for about $30-$80, while high-end golf nets cost about $80-$300.

Golf net FAQ

Can you use a golf net for other sports?

A. You can use some golf nets to improve your skills in other sports besides golf, including lacrosse, baseball, football and soccer, depending on how rugged and durable the golf net is. You should consult with the manufacturer to figure out if you can use the golf net for other sports.

What is the simplest way to boost your golf swing with a golf net?

A. If you want to boost your golf swing but don’t have a swing analyzer, you can use a little tape and some time. Simply put a strip of impact tape on your golf club’s hitting edge and take a few golf shots, paying attention to the trajectory of the ball, as well as how your shots feel. You can examine the impact tape afterwards to see how solidly you are hitting the golf ball and use this info to adjust your golf swing.

How far apart should you place the golf net and turf mat?

A. The distance between the golf net and the turf mat depends on the size of the golf net. If you have a smaller net, you should be closer to the turf mat, and if you have a bigger net, you can set the turf a bit farther away.

When you are first starting out, you should place the turf mat as close as possible to the golf net, so that the net catches all of your shots, without being so close that your golf swing actually hits the net.

What are the best golf nets to buy?

Top golf net

SteadyDoggie Golf Net Bundle

SteadyDoggie Golf Net Bundle

What you need to know: This golf bundle from SteadyDoggie comes with a sturdy and wide net, which works well for players with a huge amount of space.

What you’ll love: This golf bundle features a carrying bag, a rubber tee, two different lies and a turf golf mat, as well as a wide net with a target in the middle. SteadyDoggie also provides amazing customer service for any issues that crop up.

What you should consider: The sides of this golf net don’t extend out very much, which is problematic for some players.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top golf net for the money

JEF World of Golf Collapsible Chipping Net

JEF World of Golf Collapsible Chipping Net

What you need to know: This golf chipping net is ideal for golfers who want to work on their short golf game.

What you’ll love: This net is budget-friendly, simple to set up and use and suitable for light practice. The three-ring target imprint helps improve your focus when you’re practicing different golf swings. 

What you should consider: The netting sometimes tears from the Velcro attachment system.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Rukket Sports Haack Golf Net

Rukket Sports Haack Golf Net

What you need to know: This golf practice net from Rukket Sports is perfect for golfers who want their own backyard golf practice range. 

What you’ll love: This durable, portable and light, three-piece golf bundle includes a carrying bag, a turf mat and a net. The golf net stands up to bad weather conditions and assembles fairly quickly.

What you should consider: It can be difficult for only one person to move it around.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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