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As someone who lives in the Midwest, I know that a reliable pair of winter boots is almost as essential as food and water. You’ll find boots of all shapes and sizes lining the doorway at any winter gathering and will often overhear passionate conversations defending a person’s beloved winter boot. 

After owning a single pair of boots for almost five years, I’ll jump into any discussion to proclaim that Blundstones are my favorite winter boots, and I think they will become your new favorite pair, too. Here’s everything you need to know about this popular pull-on boot. 

What are Blundstone boots? 

While Blundstone boots have been a staple in countries like Australia, England and Israel for decades, this Australian footwear brand has recently picked up a cult following in the United States and worldwide, thanks to their iconic Chelsea style silhouette. The same pair of Blundstone boots are versatile enough to wear while hiking, exploring a new city and trekking through the snow.

How Blundstone boots work

With several boot series, including active, dress and work boots, Blundstone offers the perfect pair of boots for business meetings, working outdoors and a whole lot more. 

Blundstone boots are weather-resistant and comfortable. Perhaps one of the most admired features is their pull-on tab, allowing wearers to take their Blundstones on and off with ease. They also absorb up to 90% of impact as you walk and feature a unique sole comfort system, which makes them ideal for a plethora of activities. 

What you need to know before purchasing Blundstone boots 

I can attest to Blundstone boots being built to last. I’ve had the same pair of Blundstone boots for almost five years, and I wore them almost daily for three of those. When it’s time to put away my winter coats, hats and boots at the end of the season to make room for summer clothes, my Blundstone boots retain their usual spot on my shelf since they are also light enough to wear in the summer and fall. 

Part of the reason Blundstone boots are so popular among diverse groups of individuals is because they’re versatile enough to wear for a host of activities. I’ve worn them while going to work, to the beach, hiking, in the snow and walking around Chicago. They’re both practical and fashionable, which makes the perfect boot. 

While I recommend Blundstone boots to everyone, those who are looking for a quality pair of winter boots they can rely on for years to come will especially appreciate them. They have excellent traction for icy days and keep feet warm without the need for bulky socks.

However, no pair of shoes is entirely without faults, and I can admit to having a few issues with mine. The main frustration people face with Blundstone boots is sizing. The half sizes are odd-fitting, making it challenging to know if you need to go up or down a half or full size. Also, while they are lace-free — one of my favorite features of this boot — it’s important to note that pulling Blundstone boots on and off may be slightly difficult while they’re still new.

Where to buy Blundstone boots

Blundstone boots

You can buy Blundstone boots on Amazon or Backcountry. They generally cost between $175 and $215.

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