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Which sauna belt is best?

When you can’t make it to the sauna, a sauna belt brings the sauna to your stomach and waist area. These belts provide more heat to the midsection area, which is not only effective for trimming fat, but for digestion and more. There are newer versions of sauna belts with electronic features included, or you can stick with gel pads. If you’re looking for a sauna belt that is rechargeable and can work well in various environments, the MarCoolTrip MZ Stimulator Belt is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a sauna belt

Use outside of workouts

Sauna belts are popular to use while working out, but that doesn’t mean you can only wear it during that time. Sauna belts are suitable to wear around the house, at work and in other environments. Some people like how it makes their waist look slimmer, so they’ll wear it under a shirt, dress etc., much like a waist shaper or corset. These belts also can be great for keeping your posture correct when sitting or standing.


A sauna belt is exposed to heavy amounts of moisture, so it is prone to odor if not properly cleaned and stored. After you’re done using a sauna belt, hang the belt so the inside of it can dry. Not allowing air to reach the inside of the belt can cause moisture to stay inside and form mold, cause a bad smell or worse.

If you have an electric belt, it’s crucial you allow it to dry because if mold begins to grow in the belt, you could possibly damage the electric parts on the inside when trying to clean it. If you’re not using an electric sauna belt, you may be able to put it in the washing machine depending on the material. The manufacturer will label whether the belt is machine washable or not. If it’s not machine washable or the belt is electric, clean the inside and outside by using a damp cloth and a safe cleaning solution spray to gently wipe the surfaces of the belt. Allow it to dry completely before using it again.

What to look for in a quality sauna belt

Secure closure

There are various types of closing mechanisms sauna belts have, with the most common one being a hook-and-loop strap. While that can be effective, there are belts that use both a zipper and/or an extra strap so the belt stays secure on your midsection.


Electric sauna belts may feature electric pads that provide electromagnetic pulses and/or infrared technology that pulsifies and heats up the midsection area. This can help promote fat burning, digestion and relaxing of the muscles. Some have even found that electric sauna belts help with their menstrual cycle. Electric models cost significantly more than plain sauna belts, but they’re worth the money and you get a lot more out of these types of belts. But if you just want something simple and don’t care for extra features, then don’t spend the extra money.


If you go with a sauna belt that is electric, it’s best to have one that can work wirelessly and is rechargeable. Using an electric model that’s wired requires you to stand near an outlet. You can use wireless ones while you’re doing tasks around the house.

How much you can expect to spend on a sauna belt

Sauna belts can range from $10-$100 depending on what features you want in the belt and whether you want an electric or non-electric model. You’ll find non-electric sauna belts with features such as zippers, double straps and hook enclosures in the $10-$50 range. The electric models range in the $50-$100 price area, and may feature different massage levels and more. 

Sauna belt FAQ

Do sauna belts actually work?

A. Sauna belts can work when used with other healthy habits such as exercise and eating healthy. Do not rely on a sauna belt alone to reduce fat and weight easily. 

How long should you wear a sauna belt?

A. If you’re using an electric sauna belt that provides certain effects such as vibrations and pulses, then follow what the manufacturer states, as the functions can vary in durations. You can wear regular sauna belts all day, but do not sleep in one.

What’s the best sauna belt to buy?

Top sauna belt

MarCoolTrip MZ Stimulator Belt

MarCoolTrip MZ Stimulator Belt

What you need to know: Featuring a digital display, this electric sauna belt has a variety of different intensity levels.

What you’ll love: The belt is wireless so you can move around with it.

What you should consider: The belt needs moisture on the inside to provide the best results.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top sauna belt for the money

McDavid Waist Trimmer Belt

McDavid Waist Trimmer Belt

What you need to know: With the versatility to be worn on nearly any occasion, this sauna belt can help with minor back pains you may have.

What you’ll love: The belt has a hook-and-loop closure so it stays secure. The neoprene material is latex free. 

What you should consider: It may be too thick for some.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Oways Slimming Belt

Oways Slimming Belt

What you need to know: The strap on this belt allows you to wear the device in different areas of the body besides the midsection.

What you’ll love: It features a 360 massage and vibration system that comforts the applied area and improves blood circulation. There is a fiber mesh material that makes the belt very comfortable to wear.

What you should consider: The price isn’t very budget-friendly and it has a cord.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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