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Which heavy-duty dip stations are best?

Working out must be integrated fully into your life, rather than just an occasional hobby, in order to make a real impact on your life. One of the best ways to integrate exercise into your life is to purchase a piece of exercise equipment for your home, like a heavy-duty dip station. This type of workout equipment is particularly useful if you want to build up your upper body muscles. The Steelbody Power Tower Pull Up & Dip Station is a stellar heavy-duty dip station for those looking for an excellent upper body workout.

What to know before you buy a heavy-duty dip station

Think about the weight capacity of the dip station

You should look at the weight capacity of the heavy-duty dip station when thinking about the right dip station for your situation.

Consider the stability of the dip station

Dip stations must be sturdy and stable with a heavy base. Otherwise, it can lead to a tipping hazard.

Learn how to do four progressive dip exercises

There are four progressive dip workouts you can do to go from a dip novice to a dip expert, including holds, dip negatives, full dips and adding weight. For a hold, you simply hold yourself in one position for 20 seconds. You slightly lower your body for dip negatives and push yourself back up for full dips. You can also add some additional weight to boost the difficulty.

What to look for in a quality heavy-duty dip station


The base of the dip station can be a one piece ,a two piece or wall mounted with no base. The two-piece dip station is the most versatile and inexpensive option with a pair of rails that you can position wherever you want. One-piece dip stations are more stable and sturdy than two-piece stations. 


You should search for a dip station with an adjustable height, since it boosts the comfort level and ease of using the piece of workout equipment.


If you don’t have much space, you should find a dip station that you can quickly disassemble for simple storage. Many dip stations are light enough that you can easily transport them wherever you need.

How much you can expect to spend on a heavy-duty dip station

Heavy-duty dip stations range in price and go for $55-$500. The premium, professional-quality dip stations are the ones that go for up to $500.

Heavy-duty dip station FAQ

What are some of the advantages of doing dips?

A. Dips are difficult workouts that can offer grueling exercise for your back, chest, shoulders and triceps. They can also help strengthen your arm muscles and grip, as well as your core, particularly if you add in various leg positions to your workout.

Should you do dips if you want to lose weight?

A. Dips aren’t the right choice of exercise if you want to burn calories. You will end up burning some calories, but that’s not the primary target of the workout. Dips are meant for people who want to tone and define their muscles.

What does shoulder impingement refer to?

A. When the blade of your shoulder presses on the rotator cuff, the inflammation and pain that results can make it hard to move your arms. You can actually injure yourself when you do dips, if you attempt to use too much weight, you have a previous injury or you aren’t using the right form (with your elbows angled away from the body, for instance).

In most cases, you won’t need surgery for the injury, but it can lead to a huge amount of downtime during which you can’t exercise. To avoid injuries, you should make sure you’re trained properly on form and take your time, enabling yourself to gradually progress.

What are the best heavy-duty dip stations to buy?

Top heavy-duty dip station

Steelbody Power Tower Pull Up & Dip Station

Steelbody Power Tower Pull Up & Dip Station

What you need to know: This pull-up and dip station is meant for athletes who want a full upper body workout.

What you’ll love: The Steelbody dip station is a durable structure that can hold up to 300 pounds and can strengthen most of your upper body muscle groups, including lats and shoulders. The pull-up bars and handlebars also provide several places to grip.

What you should consider: The pull-up bar on the top of the dip section is angled, so it might be hard to perform some workouts, like close grip pull-ups.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top heavy-duty dip station for the money

Marcy Power Tower Pull Up Dip Station

Marcy Power Tower Pull Up Dip Station

What you need to know: This multifunctional dip, push-up, chin-up and pull-up station works well for calisthenic workouts.

What you’ll love: The dip station and power tower enables you to get gym-quality exercise without a membership. It’s durable enough for frequent and heavy use and easily fits into the corner of your living room, office or home gym.

What you should consider: The height of the dip station might make it hard to accommodate rooms with lower ceilings.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Sunny Health & Fitness Dip Station With Safety Connector

Sunny Health & Fitness Dip Station With Safety Connector

What you need to know: This stable, adjustable and durable dip station from Sunny Health & Fitness is perfect for strengthening workouts and triceps dips.

What you’ll love: It features adjustable base bars that enable you to shrink or expand the distance between the handle grips from 20 to 28 inches, which offers you more nuanced exercises that target particular muscles in your back, chest and shoulders.

What you should consider: This dip station might not work well for taller people, since your feet and legs might get too close to the floor during many workouts.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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