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Which water bottle holder for bikes is best?

Hydration is a necessity for intense outdoor activities like biking. Whether you plan to cover pavement or you favor mountainous trails, the best water bottle holder can handle the journey and make a positive impact on your riding performance. Also known as a bottle “cage,” a water bottle holder will allow you to pedal to your heart’s content without ever getting dehydrated. 

There are many ways you can add extra water to your rides, but the Most Versatile Bottle Holder is the simplest and best method.

What to know before you buy a water bottle holder for bikes

Water bottle size

Whether you already have a favorite or are currently on the hunt for a great water bottle, it helps to know your water bottle size before choosing a bottle holder. Many water bottle holders for bikes fit a variety of bottle sizes but some are more restrictive. You want to ensure the holder will keep your bottle secure through the bumps and bounces of your ride. Something too large or too small could cause the bottle to slip out during high speeds or when going over jumps.

Terrain and biking goals

If you plan on short, leisurely bike rides, you can get away with a cheaper bottle holder that’s not as durable as the top options. However, if you plan on covering intense distances or climbing impressive mountains, then you want a water bottle holder that can withstand the bumps. The more intense your biking goals, the more durable you want your water bottle holder to be.


Water bottle holders for bikes come in a variety of shapes and designs. Manufacturers also use different materials. Aluminum, plastic, carbon and titanium are some of the most common material options. The best choice for you largely depends on budget and performance needs. For example, plastic water bottle holders are usually the most affordable option but also the least durable.

What to look for in a quality water bottle holder for bikes

Quality craftsmanship

The best water bottle holder for bikes will be durable enough to handle your most enthusiastic biking adventures. They will hold on through tricky terrain and high speeds. They’ll be lightweight so as not to add a burden to your ride. They will be reliable enough to keep your water safe without jostling it loose or snapping under pressure.

Adjustable features

Ideally, you want your water bottle holder to be adjustable. This means it will fit a variety of bottle sizes. While some water bottle holders may come with an adjustable strap, others are flexible to fit different sizes and still keep them secure. When working with a flexible design, make sure the material is durable so a large bottle won’t break it.

Easy installation

Water bottle holders for bikes should be easy to install, only taking a few minutes. If yours is challenging to attach, then it could get stuck in an incorrect position or be difficult to replace when necessary. You want it to be secure and sturdy when attached, but not difficult to install.

How much you can expect to spend on a water bottle holder for bikes

Most water bottle holders are $5-$40. Quality and durability largely determine the price.

Water bottle holder for bikes FAQ

How do you put a water bottle holder on a bike without any holes?

A. If your bike doesn’t have holes for attaching a water bottle holder, you can use zip ties to keep it secure. Wrap the ties around your bike frame and the bottle holder and tighten. In this case, you have some flexibility as to where on your bike you would like your bottle holder.

What type of water bottle holder do professionals use?

A. Professional cyclists usually use some type of metal water bottle holder, especially for rough roads or off-road terrain. Metal water bottle holders are the most secure and durable, making them reliable through both gentle and tough terrain.

What’s the best water bottle holder for bikes to buy?

Top water bottle holder for bikes

Most Versatile Bottle Holder

Most Versatile Bottle Holder

What you need to know: If you need a water bottle holder to secure a variety of water container sizes, then this bottle holder with its secure strap is perfect.

What you’ll love: Engineered plastic and rubber help make this bottle holder durable. It’s easy to tighten or loosen for access and custom fitting. The simple mounting strap will allow you to install this holder in minutes. It fits any container from 2 ¼ inches to 4 ¾ inches.

What you should consider: Some users were disappointed with the quality of this bottle holder, saying it breaks or slips around the frame too easily. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top water bottle holder for bikes for the money

FiveBox Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Water Bottle Cage Holder

FiveBox Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Water Bottle Cage Holder

What you need to know: If you need a straightforward water bottle holder for an affordable price, you won’t beat this option.

What you’ll love: A flexible design provides a secure fit for a variety of bottle sizes. Made of aluminum alloy, this holder is antirust and built with extra strength. Two mounting screws are included to make installation simple. 

What you should consider: For proper installation, your bike frame needs to have threaded holes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

SpecializedZee Cage II

SpecializedZee Cage II

What you need to know: Sleek, lightweight and minimalist, this water bottle holder is perfect for any biker wanting style and top-of-the-line construction. 

What you’ll love: Manufactured with storage in mind, this self-loading water bottle holder is easy to use and durable. SWAT-compatible attachments make it trustworthy. You’ll love the lightweight, streamlined design suitable for many preferences. 

What you should consider: Some users reported that this bottle holder broke on rough rides and the paint chipped off quickly.

Where to buy: Sold by Backcountry


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