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Riding a bike for commuting or doing errands is a great way to diminish your carbon footprint. However, I have found that when I’m doing a lot of off-and-on riding, where I momentarily park my bike to get something to eat or run into a store, most cycling shoes aren’t a suitable option.

This problem made me very aware of the limitations of many cycling shoes and got me to look for a versatile model that allows me to ride and walk without compromise. That’s why I was excited to discover Adidas Velosamba cycling shoes.

What are cycling shoes? 

When you pedal a bike, there is a lot of wasted energy. Each leg only drives the bike forward on the downstroke. Additionally, it can be easy for your foot to slide off the pedal in slick conditions, making riding a little dangerous. Cycling shoes effectively address both of these issues and more.

Quality cycling shoes snap to the pedal to make the rider one with the bike. Not only does this give the operator greater control, but also makes it impossible for the feet to slip off of the pedals, no matter what the riding conditions are. Since the feet are attached to the pedals, it means the rider can propel the bike forward when lifting the foot as well as when pushing down, enabling them to take advantage of nearly every moment in the pedal’s stroke. Lastly, the shoe clips onto the pedal at the ideal position on the bottom of the foot to help the rider maintain the most efficient form at all times.

How do Adidas Velosamba cycling shoes work?

Adidas Velosamba cycling shoes look and nearly feel like a regular pair of tennis shoes. This means they are stylish, and comfortable when walking. What makes them so special is the cleverly hidden clip that is undetectable — it doesn’t even click when you’re walking. The two-bolt design makes these shoes compatible with SPD and mountain cleats. When you are ready to ride, just step onto the pedal and you’re locked in. Additionally, the shoes have an internal nylon plate that is heavier than carbon but offers more flex, making them quite easy to walk in.

What you need to know before purchasing Adidas Velosamba cycling shoes

These cycling shoes are not meant for distance or speed. Rather, they are intentionally designed with the commuter in mind, so they are perfect for anyone who plans to bike shorter distances to and from work. 

While I found the shoes to be a bit narrow (I typically wear extra-wide shoes), other riders have noted that they fit quite well. Also, it is important to understand that these shoes are not as light or stiff as dedicated cycling shoes. However, this is the aspect that makes them suitable for walking, so it’s an acceptable trade-off.

Where to buy Adidas Velosamba cycling shoes

Adidas Velosamba cycling shoes

Adidas Velosamba cycling shoes are available on the Adidas website for $120. You may also find a pair on Amazon, but sizes are limited.

Other cycling shoes worth considering

Louis Garneau Men’s Copal II Cycling Shoes

Louis Garneau Men’s Copal II Cycling Shoes

These cycling shoes have nylon/fiberglass outsoles to provide better ventilation. They are not ideal for walking, but feature increased arch support and offer better power transfer for a faster cycling pace. 

Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods.


Nike Women’s SuperRep Cycling Shoes

Nike Women’s SuperRep Cycling Shoes

The lightweight mesh in Nike’s cycling shoes help the top of your foot stay cool while cycling. The heel pull tab facilitates stepping into the shoe, while the hook-and-loop straps allow you to adjust the shoe to get a secure fit. This shoe is not ideal for commuters who will be doing a great deal of walking. 

Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods.


Venzo Cycling Shoes

Venzo Cycling Shoes

Like the Adidas Velosamba, these cycling shoes are designed to feel comfortable when walking. The cleat is universally compatible, allowing these cycling shoes to be worn on a Peloton Bike. The fabric is quick-drying, and the shoes have a removable sockliner. 

Sold by Amazon.

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