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Which riser for desks is best?

Depending on what you’re looking for, you may want a riser for your desk to convert it to a standing desk, which is fairly easy and affordable to do. Those wanting to raise their entire desks off the ground may consider a different range of products, though they’re even more affordable and you can find them in various styles.

If you want an adjustable desktop computer riser, this Vivo Height Adjustable Riser For Desks can offer up to 32 inches of increased height and the ability to modify and customize exactly where you want your keyboard, monitors and other computer hardware.

What to know before you buy a riser for desks

Riser for desks vs. furniture risers

Depending on what part of your desk you’re trying to raise, you may consider whether you need a desktop monitor riser for desks, or furniture risers that can raise an entire desk off the ground. While the former tends to sit on top of a desktop and offer extra raised surfaces for monitors, keyboards and other computer hardware, or for turning a sitting desk into a standing desk, the latter will simply raise a whole desk off the ground from the very bottom.


Ultimately, your specific needs will determine which riser for desks is best for you. Even the best computer desks are useless if they aren’t what their users are looking for, which is one reason many elect to buy a riser for desks to raise their desk to be either a little higher or to be completely adjustable for alternating between a sitting and a standing desk.

Riser size

The size of your desk’s riser will determine how high your monitor, laptop, keyboard or computer will sit when in use. Most risers will offer adjustable height levels to around 32 inches, with some offering even more. Since risers for desks tend to be adjustable, you can also usually get a range of desk heights out of them.

What to look for in a quality riser for desks

Keyboard tray

A good riser for desks will almost always include a keyboard tray, as well as the ability to slide that tier in and out. A good, wide keyboard tray allows the user to use their keyboards more ergonomically, often easing tension on the wrists while bringing the monitor, laptop or computer higher up to meet the user’s preferences.

Adjustable height

Most desk risers feature an adjustable height, which you can use to customize your ideal desktop height or simply turn a sitting desk into a standing desk. Desk risers with a wider range of adjustable levels are usually a little higher quality, though even most low-end risers for desks will include this feature.

Desk space

A riser for desktops will change the way your workstation and desk space works, often adding even more by spacing out your different riser tiers. Some risers for desks may include a smaller overall area for your workstation. In contrast, others often include extra-wide surfaces for maximizing space, both in the unit’s keyboard tray and on the top level, usually used as a monitor stand.

How much you can expect to spend on a riser for desks

Depending on what you need, a riser for a desk can vary a lot in price. Furniture risers for desks usually cost around $20, while even cheap risers for adjustable desks and those that sit on the desktop can range from $70-$300.

Riser for desks FAQ

Can you use a riser for the desk to make a standing desk?

A. One of the most common reasons buyers purchase risers for desks is to convert their desks from sitting to standing desks. Still, many also use these adjustable desktop risers to gain the ability to do both, electing instead to alternate between using a standing and a sitting desk.

Are there risers for desk legs?

A. While they’re a different product altogether from desktop monitor risers, you can find many desk leg risers, or furniture risers, which are suitable for raising your desk’s height from the very bottom of the desk. These products don’t rest on top of a desktop like many computer risers, and they don’t typically add as much height or adaptability. However, they can still be a useful tool for adding some vertical to your workstation.

What are the best risers for desks to buy?

Top riser for desks

Vivo Height Adjustable Monitor and Computer Riser For Desks

Vivo Height Adjustable Monitor and Computer Riser For Desks

What you need to know: This desk riser features an extra-wide keyboard tier and space for dual monitors, along with an adjustable riser that you can set to the user’s preferences.

What you’ll love: This adjustable computer riser for desks can help users lift their computer and monitor up to 32 inches higher, and it works on an array of desks. You can also purchase it in 32 or 38-inch varieties in black, brown or white.

What you should consider: This riser and standing desk converter is more expensive than some other models.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top riser for desks for money

TechOrbits Monitor, Laptop and Computer Standing Riser for Desks

TechOrbits Monitor, Laptop and Computer Standing Riser for Desks

What you need to know: With an even more affordable price than most, this double-level standing desk converter and computer riser also offer a keyboard tray and room for up to two monitors.

What you’ll love: Along with offering adjustability to customize the desk height, this strong riser can hold up to 33 pounds up top and up to four pounds on the keyboard tray. This desktop riser can also be bought in either black, white or wood brown, in either 32, 37-inch or a 37-inch corner configuration.

What you should consider: Some buyers said this riser for desks fell apart after a long period of use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Yunnix Adjustable Furniture Risers for Desks, Beds, Couches and Tables

Yunnix Adjustable Furniture Risers for Desks, Beds, Couches and Tables

What you need to know: If you’re looking for something to raise your desk off the ground instead of to raise your monitor and computer setup off the desk, these heavy-duty furniture risers are a great, easy way to do it.

What you’ll love: Along with being completely stackable and three inches, these furniture risers for desks and other furniture items can support up to 1,300 pounds with four units. They also come in four-packs or eight-packs, in either brown, gray, black or beige.

What you should consider: These aren’t suitable for raising a computer rig off of a desk’s surface, but rather for raising the whole desk.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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