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Which desktop whiteboards are best?

A desktop whiteboard is one of the best ways to easily take notes in your own office or home. Desktop whiteboards are great for planning your calendar or completing schoolwork. The Arteza Magnetic Whiteboard Two-Pack with Pens and Magnets is a stellar desktop whiteboard for all of your office needs.

What to know before you buy a desktop whiteboard

Understand the different types of desktop whiteboards

There are several different kinds of desktop whiteboards, including calendar whiteboards, cork whiteboards, personal whiteboards and portable whiteboards. Calendar whiteboards are fairly common for both office and home use. These calendar whiteboards include a blank calendar that you are able to personalize on a monthly basis. Cork whiteboards include a cork section, which works well if you need a place to hang flyers, announcements and reminders.

Personal whiteboards are typically about 11 inches by 8.5 inches in size. Kids also like using personal whiteboards for things like spelling, math and handwriting practice. Portable whiteboards are used in office and education settings and are mounted on frames attached to wheels for easy transport.

Learn about board maintenance

No matter what kind of dry erase marker you choose for your desktop whiteboard, you will need a dry eraser for your board maintenance. These dry erasers are meant to wipe away all of the dust and ink from the whiteboard smoothly. You also need to occasionally deep clean your desktop whiteboard to reduce wear and tear.

Choose a calendar whiteboard for the refrigerator

Whether you are scheduling grocery shopping or planning meals, it can be very helpful to purchase a calendar desktop whiteboard for your refrigerator.

What to look for in a quality desktop whiteboard

Dry erase markers

You need dry erase markers for your desktop whiteboard. These dry erase markers include ink with a special formula that allows you to write on the board then easily wipe the ink away within seconds. It’s worth buying a set of dry erase markers that work well for your specific situation. For desktop whiteboards, fine-tip markers work well, since the board is smaller.


It’s fairly simple to install a desktop whiteboard. Most desktop whiteboards have magnetic backs and can stick to refrigerators or other metal or magnetic surfaces.

Surface materials

Desktop whiteboards include a layer of particle board or plywood, as well as a magnetic sheet and a surface material. The most common surface materials are glass, porcelain, melamine and laminate.

How much you can expect to spend on a desktop whiteboard

Desktop whiteboards typically range in price from less than $25–$60. The smallest and most basic desktop whiteboards cost less than $25. Mid-size desktop whiteboards for regular office use go for about $30–$60.

Desktop whiteboard FAQ

Can you repair a chipped desktop whiteboard?

A. No, there’s not really a good way to repair a chipped desktop whiteboard, and the surface of the whiteboard will continue chipping. You can keep using your desktop whiteboard, but you need to get somewhat creative. 

For example, you can use some whiteboard tape to cover the chipped surface and develop new divisions to categorize information or notes. You can also cover the chip on your desktop whiteboard with a sticker or banner, especially if it’s towards an edge or corner and will not get in the way.

Can you change the aluminum frame on your desktop whiteboard?

A. You should consider decorating the frame, since you probably won’t be able to find a replacement in different colors. You can try spray painting the aluminum frame in a better color or covering the aluminum frame with duct tape in a fun or stylish print.

You can also minimize the aluminum frame’s appearance by attaching an attractive border around the edges of the desktop whiteboard. These aluminum frames are removable in some desktop whiteboards, so you could easily take off the frame to achieve a minimalist look.

Which color markers should you use on your desktop whiteboard so your notes are visible?

A. Dark blue and black are the most common choices for whiteboards, and other colors like dark red and dark green can work well. Look for dry erase markers that are durable and highly pigmented.

What are the best desktop whiteboards to buy?

Top desktop whiteboard

Arteza Magnetic Whiteboard Two-Pack with Pens and Magnets

Arteza Magnetic Whiteboard Two-Pack with Pens and Magnets

What you need to know: This two-pack of desktop whiteboards from Arteza is perfect for artists.

What you’ll love: This whiteboard comes with four pre-cut magnets, magnetic pen holders, double-sided tape for wall mounting and 16 fine point markers, as well as a silver frame with strong support for lap drawing.

What you should consider: Some customers think that the magnets that come with this desktop whiteboard are too weak.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top desktop whiteboard for the money

XBoard Magnetic Whiteboard

XBoard Magnetic Whiteboard

What you need to know: This desktop whiteboard from XBoard works well with magnetic accessories.

What you’ll love: This affordable XBoard desktop whiteboard features a compact design ideal for smaller offices and a lightweight build for mounting. The whiteboard also comes with a detachable marker tray.

What you should consider: This desktop whiteboard doesn’t work very well for bigger offices.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Quartet Glass Whiteboard

Quartet Glass Whiteboard

What you need to know: This desktop whiteboard from Quartet has plenty of surface area, as well as magnets for mounting it.

What you’ll love: This Quartet desktop whiteboard is big enough for several people in an office, and the glass surface makes it simple to clean.

What you should consider: The drywall anchors on this desktop whiteboard are not secure.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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