Which bathroom towel racks are best?

Bathroom towel racks are essential multi-purpose tools that store additional towels, save space and hold onto wet bath towels while they dry. You can find towel racks that match the rest of your bathroom decor to coordinate your bathroom. The Moen Preston Bathroom Double Towel Bar is a first-class bathroom towel rack.

What to know before you buy a bathroom towel rack

Bathroom size

Consider your bathroom’s size when buying a towel rack, since different rack styles take up different amounts of space in different ways. Some bathrooms might be so small that they only include a sink and toilet, while others are big enough to hold a bidet, hot tub and vanity. The size of your bathroom also affects how the drawers, cabinets and doors open in the towel rack area.

Compact towel racks, including single-bar mounted models and over-the-door towel racks, are perfect for small bathrooms. If you have a medium-size bathroom, you can fit a towel rack that sticks out more, with deeper shelves or more arms. If space is not an issue, you can select a big freestanding towel rack with multiple shelves and arms.

Towel capacity

Basic racks come with a single loop or arm to hold one or two towels, while big ones can hold multiple towels on shelves, arms and hooks. If you share your bathroom with several other people, you need a rack with lots of arms or hooks so that there’s enough room for everyone’s towels. A single-purpose towel rack will work well for individual towels and save you space.

Mounting style

There is more than one way to mount your bathroom towel rack. Common methods include suction cups, over-the-door brackets and screws. 

  • Screws are the most popular mounting style, since they can hold a lot of weight if correctly secured, but they’re somewhat difficult to install.
  • Over-the-door brackets are commonly used for organizer or hook towel racks. They slide over the bathroom door, and you can remove the rack and use it somewhere else anytime, since they don’t have to be secured or bolted. 
  • Suction cups are typically found only on single-towel racks, since they support the least weight. They also cause the least amount of damage to your bathroom walls. 

What to look for in a quality bathroom towel rack


Since they have to support the weight of dry and wet towels, towel racks are typically made of metal, including alloy, stainless steel or chrome. Metal provides the most durable, strongest frame, though wood or bamboo towel racks are the most eco-friendly.

Color and finish

Metal towel racks come in colors including white, black, gold, bronze, gunmetal and silver. You can also choose from finishes including matte, brushed or shiny for a stylish take on a particular color. Keep in mind that racks with special finishes and colors are expensive.


Some towel racks have extra storage in addition to the hooks or arms. Shelves are the most common, found either below freestanding racks or on top of mounted ones. They work well for storing toilet paper, tissue boxes and extra towels.

How much you can expect to spend on a bathroom towel rack

Bathroom towel racks range from about $10-$60. The most inexpensive racks go for $10-$20, while mid-range racks cost about $20-$40 and high-end racks vary from about $40-$60.

Bathroom towel rack FAQ

What kind of rack is best for keeping your towels separate from your roommate’s in a dorm bathroom?

A. Dorm bathrooms usually don’t have much space, so find a compact bathroom towel rack. Over-the-door racks usually feature a series of arms or hooks with lots of space to separate your towels from your roommate’s. If your dorm room is big enough, find a small freestanding rack to hang your own towels.

If your bathroom has a tile towel rack that matches your bathroom, will an extra rack of a different style clash?

A. No, especially since the tile towel rack blends into the bathroom wall. Tile racks usually have a metal arm, so you could match the metal of the new  rack to the metal arm. You could also coordinate your new rack to match metal details and colors from other bathroom accessories.

Can you install a wall-mounted towel rack behind your bathroom door?

A. It depends on how far the rack sticks out, since it could keep you from being able to fully open the door or damage the tile or wall behind the door. A compact, narrow rack would probably work, but if you have a lightweight bathroom door, the rack could damage it. Choose an over-the-door rack if you only have enough space to hang towels behind your bathroom door.

What are the best bathroom towel racks to buy?

Top bathroom towel rack

Moen Preston Bathroom Double Towel Bar

Moen Preston Bathroom Double Towel Bar

What you need to know: This is a space-saving, elegant rack for small bathrooms from a trusted brand.

What you’ll love: This rack is simple to install, spot-resistant and comes in three colors. It provides double the storage capacity of one towel bar without taking up more space.

What you should consider: This rack is on the pricey side.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top bathroom towel rack for the money

Bopai Suction Cup Towel Bar

Bopai Suction Cup Towel Bar

What you need to know: This is an excellent choice if you need a towel rack but don’t want to drill holes in your walls.

What you’ll love: It’s sturdy but lightweight, with no installation needed. The suction cups on the towel bar will stick to your shower’s walls.

What you should consider: Unless you thoroughly clean the surface first, it won’t hold well.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Decobros Wall Mount Multi-Purpose Towel Rack

Decobros Wall Mount Multi-Purpose Towel Rack

What you need to know: This big rack is perfect for large households and will make your towels accessible.

What you’ll love: It’s made of heavy-duty metal and acts as an accent piece on your bathroom wall. You can store up to six rolled-up towels on this rack, which hangs on your wall in a space-saving design.

What you should consider: It doesn’t work well for storing wet towels that need to dry out.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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