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Which knitting basket is best?

Knitting is a calming hobby that you can perform almost anywhere. It’s great to take with you on long trips or to pick up while watching your favorite show to keep your hands busy. Traveling with your knitting projects can be a huge hassle without a good knitting basket, even when moving from one room to another. Having all your tools organized and contained makes it easier and more pleasant.

Stop struggling with long strings and lost tools. A great knitting basket, like the Yarn Tote Storage Organizer with Separate Knitting Needles Pockets, will make your knitting life easier.

What to know before you buy a knitting basket

Skill level

If you are a professional knitter with big projects and customers paying for your work, you likely have a huge supply of knitting materials to keep composed. On the other hand, if you’re approaching knitting as a simple hobby, you may want to keep your collection small. Consider your skill level and knitting goals before choosing a knitting basket since it may directly affect the best size and style. 

Consider what the basket will hold

How much yarn do you want your basket to hold? How many tools do you have? It can help to go through your inventory to figure out how many compartments are needed. Typically you will have a quality pair of knitting needles. You may have some knitting hooks as well. A sewing kit comes in handy for complicated patterns, and you may keep your knitting patterns in your basket. And you absolutely cannot forget the yarn. Once you’re clear on all the items you wish to keep in your knitting basket, you have a better idea of what you need to look for in terms of size and compartments.

They make great gifts

If you’re not a knitter, but you have a friend who is, a knitting basket can be an incredibly thoughtful gift. If you have a knitting lover in your life, consider picking out a knitting basket for them to make them feel loved and help organize their tools. 

What to look for in a quality knitting basket

Plentiful storage

A knitting basket that lacks storage won’t do you any good. You need to make sure there is enough room to hold all your yarn, as well as any projects you’re working on at the moment. You don’t want it to be so large that you can’t easily transport it, but it must be sizable enough to hold your collection without spilling over.

Helpful compartments

Some knitters like a big basket to throw everything in, but this can get messy. Throwing yarn, scissors and a sewing kit in one large compartment can end up as a black hole. Side compartments and even inner pockets help increase organization. Having a place to tuck your scissors and needles keeps them from getting lost under piles of yarn. It also reserves the largest compartment for the yarn, keeping it clean and less tangled. 

Durable craftsmanship

If you go with a traditional woven basket, inspect it carefully for any signs of wear or poor craftsmanship. Check the weave for any pieces coming loose or that have been improperly glued. Examine the handles for secure attachment. If you go with a cloth basket or tote, you also want to examine the craftsmanship carefully. Check any seams and pockets to ensure the stitching isn’t coming loose. Test the straps and see if they are sturdy enough to carry the bag. If there are zippers, check that they open and close easily without catching or jamming.

How much you can expect to spend on a knitting basket

While some handmade wicker baskets can be well over $100, most knitting baskets are $25-$100.

Knitting basket FAQ

What do you need to fit in a knitting basket?

A. This is completely up to your own preference. All you really need is some yarn and two knitting needles. Other tools, such as scissors, extra yarn, extra needles and a sewing kit, come in handy but are not necessities for beginner knitters.

Can you make your own knitting basket?

A. Absolutely. There are many ways to make a basket, and while most of them are challenging and require a certain amount of skill, it is certainly something you can do on your own. 

What’s the best knitting basket to buy?

Top knitting basket

Yuar Butee Yarn Tote Storage Organizer with Separate Knitting Needles Pockets

Yuar Butee Yarn Tote Storage Organizer With Separate Knitting Needles Pockets

What you need to know: Keep all of your knitting equipment flawlessly coordinated with this yarn tote.

What you’ll love: This knitting basket includes plenty of pockets, compartments and even an extra internal bag to keep your knitting projects organized. You have places to store your knitting needles and areas for yarn. You can hold extra projects, crocheting hooks and sewing kits. You’ll love the two size options and six different patterns. 

What you should consider: If not filled, this bag tends to collapse on itself.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top knitting basket for the money

Craftiss Knitting Bag Yarn Storage

Craftiss Knitting Bag Yarn Storage

What you need to know: This knitting basket is made out of durable material with plenty of storage to keep all your yarn and knitting tools in place. 

What you’ll love: Affordable and adorable, this knitting basket will always make you want to knit. It has plenty of capacity to keep your yarn neat and tidy. Exterior pockets are the perfect place to store your needles, tools and sewing kits.

What you should consider: Some users complained that their product came wrinkled and tended to lean.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Teng Tien Nantucket Basket

Teng Tien Nantucket Basket

What you need to know: If you want a woven basket with a delightful lid to keep your knitting supplies contained, look no farther than this handmade basket.

What you’ll love: With a quality weave and handles, you can carry your knitting supplies from place to place with confidence. Its large, oval compartment allows you to store plenty of yarn.

What you should consider: There are no separate compartments inside this basket, so your knitting supplies may get disorganized. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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