Which Capresso espresso machine is best?

Nothing beats a fresh espresso first thing in the morning. But for the perfect cup of espresso, you need a quality espresso machine. Capresso is a well-known brand responsible for numerous advancements in the espresso machine industry. If you’re interested in adding a Capresso espresso machine to your kitchen, the Capresso EC50 is a top-notch machine with a sleek design that looks great in any home.

What to consider before you buy a Capresso espresso machine

Espresso vs. cappuccino

Espresso is a concentrated form of coffee often served in smaller doses than standard coffee. Espresso connoisseurs love its bold taste and distinct color. Cappuccinos are a frothy, creamy drink made from espresso and steamed milk. Many high-end espresso machines can produce both espresso and cappuccinos.

Espresso machine size

When buying an espresso machine, it’s essential to consider its size and shape. There are plenty of large espresso machines capable of pulling multiple expresso shots while simultaneously frothing milk. However, if you don’t have the counter space for a large machine, you may be better off purchasing a smaller, single-serve model. Capresso has several small espresso machines that fit in nearly any kitchen.

How to make espresso

When making espresso, it’s essential to choose the right kind of coffee beans is essential. Most espresso connoisseurs agree that medium-dark and dark roast coffee beans make the best espresso. Although each espresso machine is different, most use the following process to make a shot of espresso.

  1. Grind your coffee beans down to a fine powder.
  2. Add your ground coffee beans to the machine’s portafilter.
  3. Tamp the ground coffee beans using a tamper or flat-edged device.
  4. Lock the portafilter in place on the machine and tighten it.
  5. Once the portafilter is locked in place, press the start button on your espresso machine.

What to look for in a quality espresso machine


Although you’re likely buying an espresso machine to make espresso, it doesn’t hurt to get a device that can also steam milk for cappuccinos or lattes. Many Capresso machines feature high-pressure frothers that are ideal for cappuccinos and lattes. Other Capresso espresso machines allow you to adjust the strength of your espresso if you feel like making a drink that’s closer to the strength of a cup of coffee.

Cup warmer

Although cup warmers aren’t a necessary addition to an espresso machine, they can make your drink more satisfying. Several Capresso espresso machines feature warming plates on top of the device, which helps either heat your cup before you pour your drink or keep your espresso warm. Capresso’s warming plates don’t get particularly hot, but they will keep your drink warm longer than your countertop or coffee table.

Ease of use

Most people don’t want to start their day by making a complicated coffee beverage. Luckily, Capresso espresso machines are easy to use. They feature easy-to-understand control panels, intuitive milk frothers and are nearly completely assembled right out of the box. 

Another important consideration is how easy it is to clean your machine. Most Capresso machines feature removable water containers that you can wash easily after use, although the milk frothers can be a bit more challenging to keep clean.

How much you can expect to spend on a Capresso espresso machine

Smaller Capresso espresso machines cost between $50-$80. Larger Capresso espresso machines that simultaneously make multiple drinks often cost between $90-$140.

Capresso espresso machine FAQ

Can I buy replacement parts if something breaks on my Capresso machine?

A. Yes. If you notice a part break, you can easily obtain replacement parts by reaching out to Capresso directly.

Can I use a Capresso machine to make latte art?

A. Absolutely. Many Capresso machines feature easy-to-use milk frothers that are perfect for latte art.

Do Capresso machines use pods or ground coffee beans?

A. Capresso makes both styles of espresso machines. For example, the Capresso EC100 uses pre-filled pods, whereas the Capresso 303.01 uses ground coffee beans.

What’s the best Capresso espresso machine to buy?

Top Capresso espresso machine

Capresso EC50 Espresso Machine

Capresso EC50 Espresso Machine

What you need to know: This capable espresso machine features a sleek design and a metal warming plate that will keep your drinks from getting cold. You can use this machine to make two drinks simultaneously. 

What you’ll love: The high-pressure frother is ideal for cappuccinos and lattes, and many users were even able to use the frother for latte art. The removable water tank is easy to clean. This machine has an easy-to-use automatic rinse feature that allows you to go directly from making espressos to steaming milk.

What you should consider: Some users felt that this machine’s drip tray wasn’t large enough for the amount of water that drips when using it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Capresso espresso machine for the money

Capresso 303.01 Espresso Machine

Capresso 303.01 Espresso Machine

What you need to know: This affordable espresso machine can make up to four cups of espresso at a time and doesn’t take up much space. 

What you’ll love: The understated black-and-silver design will look great in almost any kitchen. It has a built-in safety valve to keep steam from burning your hand while you steam milk. The included milk frother is efficient and easy to use.

What you should consider: This machine isn’t as durable as other Capresso espresso machines.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Capresso EC100 Espresso machine

Capresso EC100 Espresso machine

What you need to know: The Capresso EC100 features 15 bars of pressure, creating delicious espresso drinks every time.

What you’ll love: You can use this machine with both pre-filled pods or ground coffee, and both methods brew high-quality espresso quickly.

What you should consider: This machine can’t be used with larger coffee mugs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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