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Which ‘Lion King’ posters are best?

If you’re still humming “Hakuna Matata” almost 30 years later, you can celebrate “The Lion King” by purchasing a poster for your home. Movie posters can make a fun addition to your home office, kid’s bedroom, movie theater room or game room. Thinking about the poster’s size, framing needs and which “Lion King” film is your favorite can help you pick the perfect poster for your space. A top pick for many is the MoviePostersOnline The Lion King 1994 Movie Poster

What to know before you buy a ‘Lion King’ poster


Many sellers offer multiple sizing options for their posters. Determining the dimensions that your space can accommodate in advance makes your shopping experience much more convenient. You can use a tape measure to easily figure out what size will fit. If you don’t want to just eyeball it, hold a piece of paper or another poster up against your wall to see which size will look best. 


You don’t have to frame your poster, but it can give your poster a more polished look, and poster frames are inexpensive and simple to hang on your wall. If you live in a rental that doesn’t allow you to make substantial holes, try a lightweight frame made specifically for posters. Frames come in all different colors and are usually made from wood, metal or plastic. You can use a frame that matches your room to blend your poster into your home decor. 


A movie poster will most likely stand out from the rest of your home’s decor, and that’s OK — you can utilize a movie poster in the same way you would a bold piece of art. Find a narrow table to center your poster over when using it in your living room, hallway or foyer. If you’d like a location that’s a little less conspicuous, try a home office or game room. You can also make a gallery wall by hanging several movie posters in a row. 

What to look for in a quality ‘Lion King’ poster

‘The Lion King’ (1994)

A classic these days to both children and their parents, this movie started it all. The original movie poster advertisements for this film feature Simba on pride rock and Mufasa’s face in the sky. It has the look of a vintage Disney VHS and is perfect for those wanting to celebrate one of their favorite films from childhood with the whole family. 

‘The Lion King’ (2019)

Have your kids developed their own love for “The Lion King” through the new movie rendition? This poster features the realistic versions of Simba and Mufasa in the light of a scorching African sun. 

‘The Lion King’ musical 

Almost as famous as the films is “The Lion King” musical. One of the longest-running shows in Broadway history, this show has its own very poster. The poster features the face of the king in black on a yellow background. 

‘The Lion King’ poster art 

If you want something with a little more artistic flair, there are many fun posters inspired by the “Lion King” movies. You can find posters that creatively depict your favorite characters, scenes, locations, songs and quotes. There are also minimalist and vintage-style takes on the film’s poster. 

How much you can expect to spend on a ‘Lion King’ poster

You can expect to spend $10-$40 on a “Lion King” poster, depending on the size you want. 

‘Lion King’ poster FAQ

What’s the best way to hang my poster?

A. You can attach your poster directly to your wall or you can hang it inside a frame. Poster putty allows you to hang a poster on your wall without damaging the paint or making holes. Lighter frames can be hung with Command strips or hook-and-nail picture hangers. 

What’s the standard movie poster size?

A. If you want a poster the same size as those you see at your local movie theater, look for one sized 27 by 41 inches. This is the most standard movie poster size and the one favored by collectors. 

What’s the best ‘Lion King’ poster to buy?

Top ‘Lion King’ poster

MoviePostersOnline The Lion King 1994 Movie Poster

MoviePostersOnline The Lion King 1994 Movie Poster 

What you need to know: This is an excellent-quality movie poster of “The Lion King” from 1994. 

What you’ll love: The poster features Simba standing on Pride Rock with Mufasa looking down on him. The 275 gsm ‘Lustre’ photo paper stock makes for a long-lasting image with a nice finish. You can choose from five different sizes, and all items ship protected by a postal tube or hardback envelope.

What you should consider: While excellent quality, these posters are on the pricey side. 

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Top ‘Lion King’ poster for the money

Trends International Disney The Lion King Mufasa and Simba Wall Poster

Trends International Disney The Lion King Mufasa and Simba Wall Poster

What you need to know: This officially licensed poster features the lifelike Mufasa and Simba from the 2019 movie. 

What you’ll love: This poster is available in two different sizes, and you can choose a framed poster, a poster with a clip or a plain poster. Frames come in a variety of colors, including black, mahogany, silver and white. The print has a satin finish and vibrant colors. 

What you should consider: The price goes up significantly if you buy this poster framed. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

DramaLlamaPrints The Lion King Movie Quote Poster

DramaLlamaPrints The Lion King Movie Quote Poster

What you need to know: This poster has all your favorite quotes from the original 1994 movie. 

What you’ll love: You’ll love to be inspired by lines like, “I laugh in the face of danger” and “Remember who you are.” Lines like, “What do you want me to do? Dress in drag and do the hula?” will make you chuckle every time you walk past. You can choose between two different sizes. 

What you should consider: This poster is on the small side. 

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy


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