Which ergonomic seat cushion is best?

Posture for sitting and standing are some of the most common difficulties people have today. Unfortunately, having bad posture can lead to bad seating and standing habits. In many instances, posture can be fixed by having an ideal seat to sit on. If you’re looking for an ergonomic seat cushion that doesn’t trap heat and adjusts to your body, the Everlasting Comfort Gel Infused Seat and Back Cushion is the top choice. 

What to know before you buy an ergonomic seat cushion

Type of chairs that work with ergonomic cushions

Ergonomic seat cushions may fit most seats, but that does not mean they should be used for all types of seats. Seat cushions likely would not fit on a stool. Because of the small surface area, there is a chance that the cushion can tip over, causing you to fall. But even if the stool surface is big enough, if it doesn’t have a back piece, it won’t be an ideal fit. Cushions work better when they can align with the back piece of a seat. 

Advantages of ergonomic cushions with backs

Having a complete cushion from your back to the sitting area can provide cooling, comfort, and stability from the neck. While not all ergonomic seat cushions have back pieces, some do. Some ergonomic seat cushions include a back piece, or the entire cushion is a single seat and back piece formed together. For those without an included back cushion, there are sometimes separate back cushions you can purchase.

What to look for in a quality ergonomic seat cushion


Sitting for long periods, especially in warm conditions, can cause sweating and excess heat on your seat. Ergonomic seat cushions can be a great fix for this because there are models that use a cooling gel material. 

What also helps with cooling is if the cushion has designed holes in it to provide ventilation when sitting. Having a cushion that has a gel layer and ventilation will be a significant help in not feeling sticky and sweaty when sitting in your chair. 

Memory foam

Memory foam has become a staple in cushioning and padding. Just as you can with beds, you can find memory foam seat cushions that are either very soft or very stiff. But regardless of what your stiffness preference is, good-quality memory foam typically adjusts to the shape of your body, allowing you to have a more custom fit.

Machine-washable cover

Even if ergonomic seat cushions were machine-washable, the shape and size of these items would likely make it difficult to wash and dry them with machines. A dryer can damage the material of the cushion and air drying might not be efficient enough. That’s why in most cases it’s best to have a seat cushion that has a machine-washable cover. That will keep the cushion protected and clean, and you can simply just throw the cover in the washer. 

How much you can expect to spend on ergonomic seat cushions

Expect to pay between $25-$300 on ergonomic seat cushions. Bigger seat cushions or those made of more high-quality material can be more expensive.

Ergonomic seat cushions FAQ

Are ergonomic cushions worth it?

A. Ergonomic cushions can help promote better posture while providing comfort and a feel that can adjust to your body’s shape. They are most certainly worth it unless your chair already has an ergonomic design.

How do you sit on an ergonomic cushion?

A. Sit back in the chair with your chest up, and have your back aligned with the backrest of the chair. Sit up straight and maintain your posture comfortably while sitting on the cushion.

What’s the best ergonomic seat cushion to buy?

Top ergonomic seat cushion

Everlasting Comfort Gel Infused Seat and Back Cushion

Everlasting Comfort Gel Infused Seat and Back Cushion

What you need to know: The premium quality gel padding used in this cushion allows it to adjust to your body type, giving you a perfect custom fit. 

What you’ll love: The cushion is fairly porous so it can ventilate easily, keeping the seat cool. The materials inside are all certified safe materials so you don’t have to worry about a toxic item. 

What you should consider: The cushion may be too firm for some. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top ergonomic seat cushion for the money

Feagar Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Feagar Memory Foam Seat Cushion

What you need to know: Featuring softer memory foam, this cushion is perfect for those who prefer their seats on the plush side. 

What you’ll love: The outer layers of the cushion use a non-slip texture that helps prevent you or the cushion from slipping off a chair. There is a heightened end that is designed to align with your tailbone. 

What you should consider: This cushion may be too soft for some users. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Orthopedic Seat Cushion Coccyx Memory Foam Gel Pillow

Orthopedic Seat Cushion Coccyx Memory Foam Gel Pillow

What you need to know: Featuring an extra-large cushion, the thickness of this item will provide more than enough support for various seating arrangements. 

What you’ll love: Keep the cushion smelling and looking clean as possible with the machine-washable zippered mesh cover. The cushion uses a cooling gel padding to ensure that your seat won’t get hot. 

What you should consider: Sitting in the seat for extensive hours in a day can feel slightly uncomfortable. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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