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Which Disney watches are best?

Watches are a practical accessory that helps you keep track of time. Wearing one is also an opportunity to express your style and your personality. If you’re a Disney fan or have a child who is, wearing Disney watches are a great way to show your love for Mickey and the gang. 

Disney watches have been popular since the first wristwatch and pocket watch, featuring  Mickey Mouse, was created in 1933. Today, they come in a wide range of sizes, styles and colors from different watch manufacturers.

If you’re interested in buying a princess-inspired piece, try the Cinderella Eco-Drive Watch for Women by Citizen. There’s a watch for every different type of Disney fan around.

Types of Disney watches

Disney watches are available in eight basic types:

  • Analog watches: These watches with a straightforward clock-face design is a classic favorite. It’s bold, simple to read and has an hour, minute hand, and sometimes a second hand. The numbers are written either in roman numeral form or numerically and you can see each hand physically moving.
  • Digital watches: Digital watches display time through flashing digits instead of the hands. This sporty, tech-savvy design often includes additional LED backlighting, alarms, calendars and stopwatches. 
  • Pocket watches: Unlike the traditional watch strapped on the wrist, this watch is made to be carried. Even though it’s considered old-fashioned now, many wearers like its vintage feel and portability. 
  • Sports watch: These watches are robust and designed for a sporty and active lifestyle. Sports watches are shock and water-resistant and include stopwatch times to keep track of sports-oriented metrics.
  • Bracelet watches: Bracelet watches are ideal for those looking to combine the elegant aesthetics of a bracelet with a watch. Instead of leather, solid metal or plastic strap, these bracelets are made with interlinking pieces of metals like gold, silver and platinum. 
  • Chronograph watches: These watches have a complex face with a multi-faceted dial and two smaller dials. It not only tells you the time but has a stopwatch feature that helps you keep track of lap times.
  • Swiss watches: Swiss watches have long been known for their superior quality, well-crafted mechanisms and classic style. The handmade designs include durable components like metal gear and straps that protect the watch from wear and tear. 
  • Smartwatches: Smartwatches are user-friendly and combine functionality and design. It boasts high-tech features such as cameras, apps, built-in games, GPS, touch screens and customizable display screens. 

What to look for in a quality Disney watch


Disney watches come in all shapes and sizes. You can pick from various styles, including casual, sport, luxury, fashion and vintage. The style you choose will depend on when you plan to wear your watch the most. If you’re planning to wear your watch a lot while in the gym, a sports watch would be ideal. On the other hand, if you plan to wear it during business events, a luxury or vintage watch will enhance your look. If you’re purchasing Disney watches for your children, consider their color, style and character preferences.

Dial size and style

Disney watch dials are available in different shapes, sizes, characters and objects from the movies and theme parks. Pick a dial size that matches your wrist to create a flattering look. If you have thick wrists, a bigger dial face will look better on your hands. If you have slimmer wrists, choose a dial with a smaller diameter and height.

Strap material

The most common materials used for Disney watch straps are:

  • Leather: This traditional favorite comes in basic to luxe leather materials. The only downside is that leather is less durable compared to other materials.
  • Metal: Metal watches are made with metals like gold, silver, platinum, titanium and various grades of stainless steel.
  • Rubber: These popular watch straps are light, sweat and water-resistant.
  • Silicone: Synthetic straps made with silicone are soft, pliable, water-resistant and often anti-bacterial and infused with pleasant scents.
  • Nylon: These bands are durable, casual and comfortable to wear.
  • Canvas: Canvas has a similar feel to nylon straps but uses natural materials instead of synthetic ones. 


Disney watches are made for different age groups. Simple analog models work well for children who are just learning to tell the time. Many kids want colorful designs and characters, while older children appreciate watches with digital features and functions. Adult wearers prioritize style and function when buying Disney watches.


Durability is an essential consideration if you or your children plan to wear them while active. While it might be tempting to wear a lesser-priced watch, you could end up spending more to fix damages because of the poor quality. Purchasing watches made with durable materials are cost-effective in the long run.


While Mickey Mouse was the original face on the Disney watches, different characters from the Disney pantheon grace their watches today. Disney watches also take inspiration from colorful franchises like Pixar films and Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whether you have a little one who wants a watch with Woody on it or a teen who loves the idea of an Iron Man-themed timepiece, they won’t be disappointed.

Extra features

Similar to other watches, some Disney watches come with additional features. Some watches are water-resistance, eco-friendly, solar-powered and have built-in functions such as GPS, timers, a light-up face, speed calculators, thermometer and barometers.

How much you can expect to spend on a Disney watch

Disney watches are available at a wide range of prices from under $10 to over the $10,000 mark. Price-conscious buyers can find analog and digital watches with cute prints and colors, from $8-$50. More durable and sophisticated watches made by reputable brands like Citizen cost anywhere from $250-$1000. Limited collector editions and vintage watches made by designer brands are available at higher price points ranging from $2000-$20,000.

Disney watches FAQ

Are nonlicensed Disney watches genuine?

A. Disney watches are made by manufacturers both with and without a Disney license. The characters’ images and names can be used without a license and not having one doesn’t diminish the watch’s authenticity. If you want to wear a watch made by the current official timekeeper of Walt Disney resorts, purchase the range from Citizen, who signed a multi-year contract with the company. 

How do I wear Disney watches as an adult?

A. There are plenty of stylish designed Disney watches made for older Disney fans, many of which are so subtle that people won’t even realize they are Disney watches. Watch manufacturers like Citizen, Timex, Coach, Seiko, Skagen have created stunning timepieces that you will be proud to wear in public and that allow you to feel a bit of Disney magic.

What are the best Best Disney watches to buy?

Top Disney watch

Citizen Eco-Drive Cinderella Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive Cinderella Watch

What you need to know: Transform your wrist with this exquisite piece that pays homage to one of Disney’s most beloved princesses.

What you’ll love: The watch features a mother of pearl dial studded with eight diamonds and blue Roman numerals and hands. Cinderella’s iconic carriage and horses are etched in a silver pearlized print. The light-blue leather strap has the elegant hue of Cinderella’s ball gown. The watch is powered by Eco-drive technology and doesn’t need a battery.

What you should consider: The price of the watch might be too steep for budget-conscious buyers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Disney watch for the money

Disney Women's MK1006 Mickey Mouse White Dial Black Strap Watch

Disney Women’s MK1006 Mickey Mouse White Dial Black Strap Watch

What you need to know: This small and elegant watch will add a dash of magic to your wrist.

What you’ll love: The dial features an image of Mickey Mouse on a white background with easy-to-read silver numbers. Mickey Mouse’s white-gloved hands move as the hour and minute hands. The watch has a black strap band with white mickey-shaped icons and buckle closure.

What you should consider: Some wearers found the watch too small for their hands.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Magical Nostalgia 1990’s Disney Store Winnie-the-Pooh Dream Watch- Vintage

Magical Nostalgia 1990’s Disney Store Winnie-the-Pooh Dream Watch- Vintage

What you need to know: This vintage Winnie the Pooh-inspired watch is a rare find that would delight any fan of this endearing bear.

What you’ll love: These analog watches are vintage pieces from the 1990s that feature Winnie the Pooh. The watch is in good condition with little wear and is free from scratches. The strap is made of brown leather.

What you should consider: The leather strap has a little wear on the underside.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy


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