Which Disney backpacks are best?

Whether you’re a fan of Mickey and Minnie or Mulan, a backpack featuring your favorite Disney characters is a fun way to show you’re a devoted fan. There are dozens of Disney backpacks on the market that appeal to a wide range of ages, from school backpacks for kids to more stylish options for grownups. 

If you’re shopping for a child, the Simple Modern Retro Mickey Mouse Backpack can’t be beaten. It has multiple compartments for storage, comfortable straps and two side pockets for water bottles. 

What to know before you buy a Disney backpack


Disney bags come in many forms, including standard backpacks, miniature backpacks, drawstring bags, totes or crossbody bags. Fashionable standard and miniature backpacks are currently trending, preferred for their many features, such as organized pockets, adjustable straps and cup holders.


The Disney brand covers hundreds of franchises and produces merchandise for adults and children. A Disney backpack could be styled after any of its associated franchises, be it Disney Princesses, Pixar, Star Wars or Marvel.


Disney knows how much its fans pine for merchandise, and it has hundreds of accessories to adorn your backpack. Collectible keychains, charms, pins and water bottles are available, styled after and featuring Disney’s beloved characters.

What to look for in a quality Disney backpack


To ensure you purchase a quality product that supports the Disney brand, look for officially licensed products. Licensed merchandise are affirmed in item descriptions, and the products show Disney logos on their tags.

Knock-off items bear resemblance to Disney products but are made with cheaper materials and imitation designs. Many bootleg Disney products are renamed to something vaguely similar; for example, a knock-off Elsa backpack may be labeled as “Ice Queen Backpack.”


There are many fabrics blends used for backpacks, and you should look for one that is water-resistant and durable.

  • Cotton canvas is heavyweight and has a blend of cotton and synthetic materials. This fabric is inexpensive and the most popular.
  • Faux leather bags are stylish and durable but much more expensive than other backpacks. 
  • Pack-cloth nylon and cordura are medium-weight and usually used in sport and military bags. These shiny materials are waterproof and damage-resistant. Rip-stop nylon is a lighter version of pack-cloth.
  • Polyester backpacks are affordable and colorful but not as durable as other backpacks. This fabric is commonly used in novelty bags, such as Pokemon backpacks.

If you want a bag that prioritizes both its durability and appearance, faux leather is the best option. These bags last for years and double as fashionable accessories.

Shoulder straps

The best backpacks always have comfortable shoulder straps that are padded and adjustable. Plush padding keeps your arms from being irritated by the straps and reduces back strain over long periods of wear. Drawstring bags are not outfitted with padding due to the budget and minimalistic design, and purses are usually not heavy enough to warrant having protective padding. However, there is no excuse for your fashion backpack, whether miniature or standard-sized, to be missing comfortable straps.

Even drawstring bags have adjustable straps, allowing you to pull the strings to lower and raise the bag. Every backpack should have an adjustable clasp or string that allows you to refit the backpack throughout the day, lessening stress on your back and shoulders.

Remember that even the most expensive backpacks have a weight limit. If your backpack is bulging at the zippers and feels too heavy, the shoulder straps wear out faster and cause more stress on your body.

Multiple pockets

A quality backpack has multiple pockets to keep your many wares organized and safe. The handiest backpacks have outer zipper pockets, water bottle holders and divided inner compartments. One of the inner compartments should be a padded laptop sleeve that protects your devices and keeps them safe from other objects in your bag.

How much you can expect to spend on a Disney backpack

Disney backpacks range in price from simple drawstring bags for $15 to fashion backpacks around $50-$90.

Disney backpack FAQ

What brands carry licensed Disney backpacks?

A. Disney collaborates with many companies, including Loungefly, Hot Topic, Coach, Pottery Barn, Kate Spade and Simple Modern.

Can you bring a backpack to Disney?

A. Backpacks are permitted at Walt Disney World and Disneyland as long as their dimensions are less than 24 by 15 by 18 inches. You are permitted to bring ponchos, fans, snacks, drinks, sunscreen, first-aid kits, makeup and phone chargers in your bag.

Are there Disney backpacks for men?

A. Many Disney backpacks are unisex and are worn by people of any age and gender.

What are the best Disney backpacks to buy?

Top Disney backpack

Simple Modern Retro Mickey Mouse Backpack

Simple Modern Retro Mickey Mouse Backpack

What you need to know: This officially licensed Disney backpack is perfect to take to school and comes in two sizes — one just right for toddlers and one for big kids.

What you’ll love: The largest size (12L) is roomy enough to fit several folders, a lunchbox and a jacket. It features a padded tablet sleeve and multiple compartments for pencils, tissues and other essentials. If your child isn’t a Mickey fan, Simple Modern offers backpacks with Disney princesses, Moana and characters from “The Lion King,” among others. 

What you should consider: The smaller size (7L) won’t fit a folder.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Disney backpack for the money

Disney Mickey Mouse Drawstring Backpack 2-Pack

Disney Mickey Mouse Drawstring Backpack 2-Pack

What you need to know: This is a set of black drawstring bags with Mickey Mouse patterns.

What you’ll love: These drawstring bags are made of durable nylon and have a stylish black, gold and white design. These simple bags are for ages 3 and up and are an easy, affordable purchase if you just need to hold a few items.

What you should consider: The drawstrings will hurt your shoulders if you do not have sleeves. The bags do not hold as much as a traditional backpack.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Loungefly Minnie Mouse Maroon Quilted Shoulder Bag Purse

Loungefly Minnie Mouse Maroon Quilted Shoulder Bag Purse

What you need to know: This is a maroon Disney backpack with a large black bow.

What you’ll love: This backpack is officially licensed by Disney and is styled after Minnie Mouse. It is made of faux leather, has a fully lined interior and has adjustable shoulder straps.

What you should consider: It is not intended for children under 12 years old and is an expensive backpack.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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