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Which digital cameras for selfies are best?

There are plenty of ways that you can take a selfie, but the most popular method is using a mobile phone. This hasn’t stopped traditional camera makers from cashing in on the trend though, even if digital cameras weren’t initially designed for it.

Several gadget makers took steps to incorporate the self-portrait photography method into later models, making it easy to capture your likeness with minimal effort. So, if you are looking for an excellent quality digital camera that can also take selfies, the Sony Alpha A6600 Mirrorless Camera is a perfect choice.

What to know before you buy a digital camera for selfies

The display is the most important part

Digital cameras are available in a huge variety of styles, brands and functions, but the one thing that sets a selfie digital camera apart from a regular one is the display. Most digital cameras have a display or small screen affixed on the back of the unit. Digital cameras that have been designed for selfies can be flipped and rotated so that you can see the viewfinder while looking directly at the lens.

It can be used for more than selfies

Smartphones might have taken up the space as the preferred method of capturing selfies, but that doesn’t mean a digital camera for self-portraits is obsolete. The rotatable screen is the main vehicle for framing your shots, but the camera can be used for much more than that. For all intent and purposes, it is a digital camera like any other. You might want to use it for selfies, but it can equally be used to capture nature, action or social photos.  

Accessories and mounting

Having a camera that can take amazing selfies is great, but you don’t always want to hold out your arm for the shot. Consider how often you will be taking selfies, and maybe consider a camera that can be mounted on a tripod or a small stand. Some cameras also have built-in Bluetooth, allowing you to connect a remote trigger so that you don’t have to use the timer.

What to look for in a quality digital camera for selfies

Storage capacity

As with any digital camera, the amount of photos that you can store is vital. Few cameras will have built-in storage, so you need to look for a good quality camera that can take a high-capacity memory card. Depending on the resolution of your selfies, you might want to get a 32GB or 64GB card.

Battery life

Next to the storage capacity, the overall battery life will determine how long the camera will be operating. Since a selfie digital camera will be using the display most of the time, a good quality camera will be able to keep up with the power demands. Consider how often you will be taking selfies, and look for a camera that will last for a few hours at least.  

Resolution of the images

With any camera, whether it is for selfies or nature photography, the resolution of the image sensor is what matters if you want quality photos. There is no use in getting a cheap camera, but the resolution is pixelated. A high-quality camera that will be used for general photography and selfies should have at least a 15 or 20-megapixel sensor. That will make sure that all your images are sharp and vibrant.

How much you can expect to spend on a digital camera for selfies

The overall price range will largely depend on the manufacturer and the capabilities of the camera. Affordable digital cameras that have flippable displays retail for between $250-$350. Full-featured digital cameras for selfies are more expensive, and retail for well over $1,000.

Digital camera for selfies FAQ

Can you use additional lenses on a digital camera for selfies?

A. Yes you can, but only if the camera’s lens mount supports it. And also, there wouldn’t necessarily be a need for additional lenses if you are only taking selfies. Lenses can be attached for macro (close up) photography, or to make faraway objects nearer.

Can you upload your selfies to social media?

A. That will depend on the camera model, but in most cases that would be possible. Especially with cameras that have Wi-Fi capabilities, you might be able to upload your photos directly to Facebook or Instagram.

What are the best digital cameras for selfies to buy?

Top digital camera for selfies

Sony Alpha A6600 Mirrorless Camera

Sony Alpha A6600 Mirrorless Camera

What you need to know: A fully-featured camera that is perfect for selfies and action shots.

What you’ll love: Boasting the world’s fastest autofocus of 0.02 seconds, the A6600 has a 24.2-megapixel sensor. The autofocus will have you taking clear and crisp selfies, as it uses 425 points of contrast detection. You can also shoot burst photos at 11 frames per second. The 3-inch display at the back can flip over to frame to best selfies.

What you should consider: The high price might put this out of reach for most — especially if it is just for selfies.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top digital camera for selfies for the money

Canon PowerShot SX740

Canon PowerShot SX740

What you need to know: Selfies will be as easy as ever with this powerful camera.

What you’ll love: Designed for taking the best selfies, the 3-inch display can tilt 180-degrees. This makes it perfect for seeing the viewfinder while standing in front of the lens. It uses a 20.3-megapixel sensor, has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions, and a 40-times optical zoom.

What you should consider: Some users indicated that the shutter button started to stick after some time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Rainco Capture Genie smart selfie stick

Rainco Capture Genie smart selfie stick

What you need to know: The perfect way to get selfies with a mobile phone camera.

What you’ll love: While it isn’t a selfie camera, the smart selfie stick will definitely help you get the best selfie with your mobile phone’s camera. You simply put your phone in the slot and the Capture Genie will follow you around — making sure that you are always perfect in the frame. It can rotate 360-degrees and has a connection at the bottom for use on a tripod.  

What you should consider: Users have mentioned that the facial recognition within the Capture Genie app can be buggy at times.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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