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Which Sony CD player is best?

Sony has continuously produced high-quality tech for years, and among its many great products are CD players. While some may think CD players are outdated or don’t have any modern features, those with extensive CD collections know that it’s a timeless way to keep all of your music organized. 

Your music deserves solid sound quality, and Sony consistently delivers. The best of its many great CD players is the Sony Portable Bluetooth Mega Bass Stereo. It’s highly versatile and dynamic. 

What to know before you buy a Sony CD player

Your music 

Many CD players are also able to play cassettes, tune into the radio or even play digital music through AUX or Bluetooth. Consider what formats you keep most of your music collection in. If you listen to many cassettes, go for one that can play them as well. If most of your albums aside from CDs are stored on your phone or another device, look for one with Bluetooth or AUX connection. Some come with AUX cables for quick use right out of the box, but you may need to purchase your own.

Where you’ll use it

When choosing the right Sony CD player for you, consider where you plan to use it. If you want to be able to bring it with you anywhere, make sure it’s portable and has the option for a battery power supply. It should also be light and easy to carry.  If you just want to use it in your home or office, you won’t have to worry about this as much. Instead, you can get a heavier model with larger speakers or more features. 

Power supply

Some Sony CD players have both battery power options and cords that must be plugged in. Portable models might only have batteries, while home stereo systems will likely only be able to be plugged in. If you plan to take a portable one out on an adventure, be sure you know how long the batteries last and that you have backups. If you’re going to rely on it for news or entertainment during a blackout, plenty of batteries are a must-have. 

What to look for in a quality Sony CD player

Bass quality

How good the bass sounds can make a huge difference in the overall quality of your listening experience. It should be easily adjustable so you can get just the right sound for each one of your albums. Many of Sony’s CD players have a MEGA Bass feature that enhances low-frequency bass performance, so you should get high-quality sound regardless of the type of music you prefer. 

Ease of use 

No matter what Sony CD player you choose, it should be easy to navigate and adjust. It should be simple and fast to connect to Bluetooth, even if you aren’t familiar with the technology. Some allow you to shuffle, repeat and fully control the order you listen to music in for a fully customizable experience. It should also be quick and simple to connect to radio stations as well. 

What’s included

Some Sony CD players come with everything you need to get started, such as batteries or AUX cables. Knowing what you already have can help you choose the setup that’s best for you. Some allow you to record with a cassette or flash drive function. The speakers should be clear and loud regardless of which product you choose. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Sony CD player

Sony CD players typically cost between $60-$120, depending on how recent the model is and its connectivity capabilities. 

Sony CD player FAQ

Can you skip tracks with a Sony CD player?

A. Yes, any standard Sony CD player will allow you to both skip tracks and start them over. If you’re playing music through your device, the buttons on the player may not function, and you’ll have to control it through the connected device. 

Can you purchase a remote for a Sony CD player?

A. There are some stereo remotes compatible with Sony devices online, however, Sony itself has not released an official product. 

What are the best Sony CD players to buy?

Top Sony CD player

Sony Portable Bluetooth Mega Bass Stereo

Sony Portable Bluetooth Mega Bass Stereo

What you need to know: This modern CD player has great bass and several connectivity options. 

What you’ll love: It has an easy Bluetooth connection and USB playback that allows you to play or transfer audio files from a flash drive. It’s compact and portable with 26 hours of battery life. It’s compatible with AM and FM radio and has an LCD screen. 

What you should consider: The batteries are not included. Some customers experienced CDs skipping. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Sony CD player for money

Sony Stereo CD/Cassette Boombox With Aux Cable

Sony Stereo CD/Cassette Boombox With Aux Cable

What you need to know: This classic compact CD and cassette player is versatile and easy to use. 

What you’ll love: In addition to CDs and cassettes, this player has AUX capabilities and even comes with a cord to get you started. It has multiple program functions including shuffle. It has a battery life of 19 hours. It’s compact and easy to carry. 

What you should consider: The sound quality was not as high as some customers expected. Some stopped working after just a few months. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Portable Sony CD Player Boombox

Portable Sony CD Player Boombox

What you need to know: This is a standard portable CD player with additional MP3 and auxiliary functions. 

What you’ll love: This CD player runs on batteries that last for about nine hours. It has USB recording and playback options for easy transfers. It has a built-in radio tuner with 30 station presets for simple and fast listening. 

What you should consider: Some customers experienced skipping and stopping in the middle of tracks. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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