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Which portable karaoke machines are best?

You don’t need to venture out of your home to have an excellent time with a karaoke machine. Plenty of great options are not only available but surprisingly affordable. Many can also be easily moved around your home or to another location for easy karaoke anywhere you desire.

The best portable karaoke machine is the Karaoke USA GF844 Karaoke System. Not only is this portable karaoke machine easy to move and set up, but it also includes two solid microphones and plenty of fun features.

What to know before you buy a portable karaoke machine

Adult vs. kids portable karaoke machine

Some portable karaoke machines are built for kids in mind rather than engaging adults, differing from those meant for adult use in a few key ways. Kids portable karaoke machines attempt to avoid confusion and frustration by being as easy to set up as possible. These often exclude any complex features like vocal modulation. They also tend to be built much sturdier and flashier than an adult-focused portable karaoke machine, but often have low-quality sound. In return for these concessions, they’re usually the cheapest portable karaoke machines on the market.

Sound quality

The sound quality of a portable karaoke machine is affected by a combination of the speaker and microphone, with the microphone having a greater impact. 

  • Microphone: Most microphones included in portable karaoke machine bundles are average enough not to negatively impact your vocals but the less you spend on a bundled portable karaoke machine the more likely it becomes you’ll need to buy a replacement microphone.
  • Speaker: The speaker quality of a portable karaoke machine is also highly variable. Several things can affect the speaker quality. The easiest way to gauge the quality before purchasing is to read through the consumer reviews.


Portable karaoke machines nearly always include a Bluetooth connection to allow for easy syncing with one of the many karaoke smartphone apps on the marketplace. Some also include other, wired connection methods to more than just phones including laptops and TVs. These wired connections go both ways, meaning some will push a source to the portable karaoke machine and others will push the portable karaoke machine’s signal to the alternate device.

What to look for in a quality portable karaoke machine


Some portable karaoke machines include a display, though this display is usually quite small. Most do not include a display to keep them portable. Instead, you can hook them up to televisions, smartphones or tablets.

Vocal enhancements

Portable karaoke machines can have a wide range of vocal enhancements, though some have none. Basic enhancements usually include the ability to adjust the volume of the singer in conjunction with the audio track. More complex features can include changing the key of the song and autotune.

How much you can expect to spend on a portable karaoke machine

Portable karaoke machines run the gamut when it comes to their price. There are some ultra-affordable models for as low as $30 but there are also portable karaoke machines that can cost $300 or more. The midpoint of quality and cost is usually around $150.

Portable karaoke machine FAQ

Do portable karaoke machines utilize CD+G sources?

A. It’s possible, though unlikely. Compact disc plus graphics sources used to be the main source for any karaoke machine as it combined the vocalless audio tracks with on-screen lyrics. Most portable karaoke machines eschew this input source, as carrying around the various disks becomes cumbersome. Packing in the CD+G reader also adds a good amount of weight to the machine.

How are portable karaoke machines powered?

A. That depends on the machine, but typically, they’re powered via an AC adapter or batteries. Most portable karaoke machines use a power cord for the main box and batteries for the microphones, though exceptions are available for both pieces.

What are the best portable karaoke machines to buy?

Top portable karaoke machine 

Karaoke USA GF844 Karaoke System

Karaoke USA GF844 Karaoke System

What you need to know: This portable karaoke machine is one of the best you can buy thanks to its helpful features.

What you’ll love: This portable karaoke machine is simple enough to use for newcomers and feature-rich enough to add something for the experts. The included microphones are top quality and can even assist in masking some vocal imperfections. It can connect to both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

What you should consider: Any adjustment to the playback speed of a song will add a bit of distortion to the music, though not badly enough for some consumers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Kohl’s

Top portable karaoke machine for the money

BONAOK Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

BONAOK Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

What you need to know: This portable karaoke machine is an all-in-one, cost-saving choice.

What you’ll love: This portable karaoke machine is a microphone and Bluetooth speaker combined. It’s perfect for syncing up with one of the many available karaoke apps. It’s also available in 11 colors. If the Bluetooth feature isn’t functioning or unavailable, it can also connect with an audio cable.

What you should consider: The included speaker doesn’t have much volume capacity, so it can easily be overpowered by large groups. It’s highly susceptible to drops and other impacts.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

RHM Karaoke Machine

RHM Karaoke Machine

What you need to know: This excellent portable karaoke machine option includes a stand to hold up your smartphone for easy viewing.

What you’ll love: This portable karaoke machine can also be used as a standard Bluetooth speaker without any karaoke. It can also connect via USB, AUX and SD card. Two microphones are also included.

What you should consider: The included microphones have much less battery length than the Bluetooth speaker and need to be charged, so once they’re dead, so is your party.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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