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Which shower curtain set is best?

Bathrooms are a personal expression of color and design. Nothing adds more to a bathroom’s ambiance than a shower curtain that delivers the artistic splash that ties in everything else.

Basic colors and patterns are widely available, but technology has expanded the variety of shower curtain options. From floral prints to abstract art to famous landscapes, shower curtains come in many different designs, materials and sizes. There is an almost endless array of models to choose from. For its classic design and durability, the Lush Décor Darla Shower Curtain is the top choice for your home décor.

What to know before you buy a shower curtain set

Size needed

A standard 60-inch bathtub will require a shower curtain that is 70 to 72 inches long and 70 to 72 inches wide. If your bathtub is larger or if your curtain rod is positioned closer to the ceiling, you should explore larger shower curtain sizes that start at 84 to 96 inches long and 86 to 108 inches wide.

Preferred material

If your budget is tight or you don’t really care what the shower curtain looks like, a vinyl or polyethylene shower curtain is your best bet. These plastic styles are fully waterproof and low maintenance.

Fabric shower curtains like cotton, nylon, linen or polyester add a soft touch to your bathroom. Some fabric curtains are elegantly designed and can spruce up even the most simple bathroom. These shower curtains are not completely waterproof so pair them with a plastic liner that will keep splashes off of them. For more information on the different materials and their pros and cons, take a look at the Best Reviews summary on best shower curtains.

Easiness to clean

It doesn’t take long for mildew and soap scum to accumulate on your shower curtains. Look for curtains that are machine washable. If you use a plastic shower curtain, you can use a brush and soapy water to scrub away the mildew, although many people choose to replace the curtain instead.

What to look for in a quality shower curtain set


If you want a stand-out effect from ruffles or other special designs, a textured shower curtain might be for you. There are many designs in solid colors that make the curtain pop from a distance. Many of these styles of shower curtains need to be dry cleaned occasionally.

Weighted bottoms

To help keep shower curtains from blowing out during a shower, some come with magnets, weights or suction cups at the bottom. These are good at preventing slips because it keeps water in the bathtub.

Colors and patterns

There are many colors and patterns available. Some people choose to match their towels with the shower curtain, while others look for color compatibility with the bathroom walls. There are prints and illustrations and computer-generated designs to complement solid colors. Striped shower curtains might look nice in smaller bathrooms.

How much you can expect to spend on a shower curtain set

Most shower curtain sets cost $10 to $25. Plastic shower curtains cost $5 to $10, and designed shower curtains made from natural fibers like linen, cotton or hemp are priced between $25 to $70.

Shower curtain set FAQ

How often should I clean a fabric shower curtain?

A. It depends on if you have a liner. With a liner, you can clean your fabric shower curtain every three months. Without a liner, aim for a monthly cleaning since the curtain will take on a lot more water.

Can I easily remove mildew from a shower curtain?

A. If mildew has started making its unwelcome appearance on your shower curtain, look at the manufacturer’s care instructions. If you can wash the curtain in a washing machine, add a half-cup of baking soda with a half-cup of your detergent. On the rinse cycle, add one cup of vinegar. Let the shower curtain air-dry afterward.

What’s the best shower curtain set to buy?

Top shower curtain set

Lush Décor Darla Shower Curtain

Lush Décor Darla Shower Curtain

What you need to know: Add an elegant and classic design with this shower curtain that has crafted flowers for a calming effect.

What you’ll love: Measuring 72-inches-by-72-inches, this shower curtain fits most bathtubs and easily hangs on standard shower curtain rings or hooks. You may need to use two sets to fit a claw foot bathtub. This set is popular with farmhouse and cottage-style bathrooms.

What you should consider: This shower curtain set is not machine washable and needs to be dry cleaned.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top shower curtain set for the money

Creative Home Ideas Textured Ombre Shower Curtain Set

Creative Home Ideas Textured Ombre Shower Curtain Set

What you need to know: This ombre shower curtain is affordable, attractive and works in most bathroom color themes.

What you’ll love: Made from wrinkle-resistant polyester, this shower curtain includes beaded roller-free shower rings. It fits standard bathtubs, and the material is fade-resistant. The curtain is machine washable and tumbles dry.

What you should consider: It feels thin but is durable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

River Dream Waffle Weave Shower Curtain

River Dream Waffle Weave Shower Curtain

What you need to know: This uniquely designed shower curtain set does not require hooks. It includes a matching liner.

What you’ll love: This shower curtain set features split rings that let you easily hang the curtain without hooks or removing the rod. The curtain is 35% cotton and 65% polyester. It is treated with water repellent, fits all standard bathtubs and has a 90-day money-back guarantee.

What you should consider: The chrome rings at the top of the curtain may not look like the product photos.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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