Which Disney princess bedding is best?

If you’re considering a glow-up for your child’s room, Disney princess bedding can transform their space into a magical and beautiful bedroom that they will be excited to spend time in. Encourage your children to love their own room by letting them take part in selecting the best Disney princess bedding set of their favorite characters that matches their wall colors. Watch them marvel at how they helped decorate and see how enthusiastic they are about bedtime in their new Disney princess bed.

The Disney Pretty Princess Toddler Bed 4-piece set is a cult-favorite, officially licensed, microfiber Disney bedding set which is available in a number of adorable patterns for an excellent price. 

What to know before you buy Disney princess bedding

Bedding set

A bedding set will typically consist of four to eight pieces which may or may not include: a bedspread, coverlet, duvet cover or comforter as the bed topper, and some combination of bed sheets, decorative pillows, throw pillows, pillowcases and bed skirts. A standard set of bedsheets, in contrast, will only include the fitted sheet, top sheet and pillowcases. Bedding sets like Disney princess sets are often a far more economical way to get a complete bed-in-a-bag so that you can finish the ensemble in one simple transaction.


Disney princess bedding, particularly for children, is usually more widely available in three sizes: toddler bed, twin bed and full/double bed options. If you’re selecting a new toddler bed for the room, ensure you have the correct bedding size as twin bedding won’t fit the mattress correctly. Toddler beds are wonderful transition-sized beds that are ideal for smaller bedrooms, children who are getting used to a big-kid bed and for shared bedrooms.

Disney princess theme

Disney princess bedding is available in a number of beautiful themes to match children’s bedrooms to their favorite characters while helping to spark their imagination. The print and patterns available range from, but are not limited to: Rapunzel, Belle, Ariel, Moana, Mulan, Anna and Els and prints which feature more than one princess, like Cinderella, Raya, Tiana and more. Other Disney bedding sets may include Yoda, the Muppet Babies, Mickey or Minnie Mouse, Simba and more.

What to look for in quality Disney princess bedding


The most common fabrics for Disney princess bedding are 100% polyester microfiber and some cotton blends. Microfiber will be soft, lightweight, somewhat pill-resistant and will be machine-washable in cold or warm water with like colors. Cotton blends might be a little more breathable for hot sleepers but generally cost more and don’t wash as well.

Warmth and durability

Polyester microfiber will be soft and should last quite a long time, but it may not be as warm and heavy as other bedspread and duvet materials. If you live in a southern climate, you’ll find that microfiber is ideal for your children as it won’t make them sweat as much at night. If you live in a more northern climate and are purchasing microfiber bedding during the winter months, ensure your child has a light blanket underneath the bedspread for their comfort on colder nights.

Completing the look

If you’re decorating your children’s bedroom from scratch and are looking for some additional items and accessories to complete the look of their Disney princess room, some high-impact options include: a small chandelier, an ornate mirror or vanity set, some framed Disney prints in a gallery wall, a plush rug, a cozy chair, a decorative clock, curtains, memorabilia from their favorite Disney movies, a Disney princess dollhouse and matching princess dolls.

How much you can expect to spend on Disney princess bedding

Bedding sets can tend to run a little on the more expensive side, particularly when they have more pieces. That said, Disney princess bedding doesn’t have to be a huge cost investment, even for good quality items. The price range for Disney princess bedding starts at around $50 and ranges to $75 and up depending on the fabric, print, availability and size.

Disney princess bedding FAQ

Is my new Disney princess bedspread or duvet cover machine-washable?

A. Yes it is. While overwashing a bedspread can cause fading and pilling over time, microfiber is a long-lasting material that should hold up to regular washing and heavy use from children.

Does my Disney princess bedding include throw pillows?

A. It depends on the manufacturer and the bedding set you select. Some will offer throw pillows or even standard-size decorative pillows. At the very least, many bedding sets will offer pillowcases that coordinate with your print, pattern or color selection.

What’s the best Disney princess bedding to buy?

Top Disney princess bedding

Disney Pretty Princess Toddler Bed 4-piece Set

Disney Pretty Princess Toddler Bed 4-piece Set

What you need to know: These adorable Disney bedding sets are soft, wash well, are available in a large number of prints and fit a toddler bed perfectly.

What you’ll love: The pillowcases that are included fit a standard pillow, the set is inexpensive and the bedding is guaranteed to make your children excited to go to sleep in their own room.

What you should consider: The material of the bedspread isn’t heavy and you may need an additional blanket underneath in very cold weather.

Where to buy: Amazon

Top Disney princess bedding for the money

Disney Princess Friendship Adventures

Disney Princess Friendship Adventures

What you need to know: This hugely popular Disney princess bedding set from the Jay Franco Store contains seven pieces, making it a full bed-in-a-bag that instantly creates a magical atmosphere in your children’s bedroom.

What you’ll love: This set provides excellent value for the money, with a reasonable price tag for the quality of each piece it includes. It’s well made, durable, lightweight, warm and is a smart purchase overall.

What you should consider: A small number of customers were shipped the wrong size bedding.

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Franco Kids Bedding Soft Microfiber Disney Princess

Franco Kids Bedding Soft Microfiber Disney Princess

What you need to know: The prints and vibrancy of the colors in these Franco Kids bedding sets are eye-catching and very well done.

What you’ll love: This is a great selection for Disney fans who want a beautiful new bedding set for a good price. The soft, cozy fabric is wonderful for kids and holds up really well to washing.

What you should consider: Some reviewers felt the bedspread was too thin.

Where to buy: Amazon


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