Which large bath mats are best?

A bath mat provides an essential transition space between a wet bath or shower and the dry bathroom floor. A large bath mat not only gives you a soft, generous space to place your feet when you step out of the tub, but it also helps to prevent falls on slick, wet tiles.

If you’re looking for a large bath mat for a bigger space, the Gorilla Grip Soft Absorbent Plush Bath Rug Mat is a top choice. It is available in multiple sizes and comes in extensive color options to fit any bathroom design scheme.

What to know before buying a large bath mat

A bath mat serves several purposes. Consider the following before you decide on one to add to your bathroom.

Why use a bath mat?

A soft bath mat just feels good when you step out of a wet tub. It’s usually warmer than the cold floor. And it absorbs excess water that drips onto the mat, preventing it from pooling on the floor and potentially damaging the floor surface. Also, a good bath mat is nonslip, so it offers protection as you exit the bath. Bath mats are available in various sizes, but a large bath mat offers more coverage and protection for the floor.

Fitting the bath mat to your bathroom

Typical bath mats are sized approximately 20 by 30 inches. Sometimes they’re narrower. Sometimes they’re longer. But if you have the space for it, it’s not hard to find large bath mats 48 inches long or more. Consider also that you might want multiple bath mats of varying sizes for the bath, sink and toilet.

What to look for in a quality large bath mat

Bath mats are typically sized in the smaller range, sometimes with options to purchase the mat in a larger size. If you’re looking for a large bath mat, then size is your primary concern. But there are additional properties to consider.

Nonslip bath mats

A bath mat must stay firmly in place on the bathroom floor. A grippy, nonslip backing on many bath mats will prevent slipping, sliding and potential injury.

Machine-washable bath mats

Other than the ones made from teak or bamboo, most large bath mats will be machine washable. Extensive machine washing and drying might take its toll on some materials sooner or later, but it’s hard to beat the convenience of regularly machine washing a bath mat, especially considering how much time it spends getting wet on the floor.

Bath mat materials

There are plenty of material options available for bath mats:

  • Bamboo: Bamboo is an attractive choice for a bath mat, enhancing many bathroom decor styles. Bamboo is used to make elevated slats or lower-profile roll-up mats. While durable and water and mold-resistant, bamboo mats are less effective at preventing water from draining onto the floor. Additionally, it can be difficult to find the elevated bamboo slat design in larger options, although this 48-inch bamboo runner mat is well reviewed.
  • Chenille: Chenille is a woven fabric made from a variety of fibers for a soft, durable plush texture. It’s great for water absorption when used for bath mats.
  • Cotton: Cotton is natural, comfortable to step on, highly water absorbent, and easy to machine wash. Unfortunately, it can also take longer to dry, which can be disadvantageous for bath mats.
  • Memory foam: Perhaps the most comfortable bath mat to step on, memory foam is also absorbent and easy to clean.
  • Teak: Like the bamboo mats, mats made from teak are available as rigidly constructed elevated slats. These can be very attractive indoor or outdoor mats that are water and mold resistant. However, they do not prevent water from pooling beneath the mat, which can eventually cause problems with the bathroom floor.

How much you can expect to spend on a large bath mat

While the price for a typical small bath mat can start at less than $15, it jumps up when you’re shopping for larger sizes. Expect to spend $37 and up for a 48-inch chenille mat, $26 and up for the same size memory foam and over $90 for a 36-inch teak mat.

Large bath mat FAQ

How often should you wash a large bath mat?

A. It depends on how often the mat is used, but you should typically wash it once a week. Wash it more often if it is used multiple times a day or if the mat is in an environment where it spends a lot of time wet without drying out.

What if a large bath mat never dries?

A. It’s important to give your bath mat a chance to dry out to prevent mold and mildew. If your large bath mat never dries because it’s being used a lot, for example, with many family members sharing the same bathroom, then consider purchasing more than one bath mat that you can swap out regularly while the other mat is being washed. If the problem is with a humid bathroom that never dries out, you might need to consult a professional to improve the room’s ventilation. A dehumidifier might also help.

Can you wash a large bath mat with bath towels?

A. While this is probably technically OK according to your mat’s washing recommendations, it still might not be a great idea. Your bath mat lives on the floor, perhaps not too far from your toilet and you never know what kind of bacteria it’s picking up down there. Just to be cautious, wash your bath mats separately from your towels and other items.

What are the best large bath mats to buy?

Top large bath mat

Gorilla Grip Soft Absorbent Plush Bath Rug Mat

Gorilla Grip Soft Absorbent Plush Bath Rug Mat

What you need to know: Soft, cozy chenille material cradles your feet, absorbs water, and dries fast.

What you’ll love: A wide array of color options, including both solids and stripes, makes it easy to match your existing bathroom decor.

What you should consider: The durable rubber backing will begin to peel away eventually. To extend the product lifespan, consider hanging it to dry instead of running it through the dryer after machine washing.

Where to buy: Amazon

Top large bath mat for the money

LaLaLoom Thick Memory Foam Bath Mat

LaLaLoom Thick Memory Foam Bath Mat

What you need to know: Plush memory foam cushions your feet while absorbing water.

What you’ll love: The price is right for a large, durable, quick-drying bath mat.

What you should consider: As with the Gorilla Grip mat, the rubber backing is best treated with care. Hang it to dry instead of running it through a heated dryer.

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Bare Decor Giza Mat in Solid Teak Wood

Bare Decor Giza Mat in Solid Teak Wood

What you need to know: This 36-inch teak mat works great indoors as a bath mat but works just as well outside.

What you’ll love: Eye-catching design and solid craftsmanship scores this bath mat very high customer satisfaction ratings.

What you should consider: Although the mat is resistant to water damage, mold, and mildew, water can still pass through and settle under the mat, which can damage floors eventually if care is not taken.

Where to buy: Amazon


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