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Which hand towel racks are best?

They may not be the first thing we notice or talk about in a kitchen or bathroom, but hand towel racks serve a multipurpose role. They provide an organized way to store clean towels while saving space. They also allow damp towels to hang and dry until they’re used again.

Towel racks have come a long way and are more than just a solid bar or hook. There are intricate designs that allow multiple towels to be displayed or hung. Many towel racks are part of the overall decor of the room itself. For its wide double-capacity option and trusted brand name, the top-recommended towel rack is the Moen Preston 24-Inch Double Towel Bar.

What to know before you buy a hand towel rack

Size of room

The type of towel rack you install in a guest bathroom is different from what you put up in a large master bathroom or open concept kitchen. Towel racks that take up extra space due to their design or capacity for holding multiple towels are better for large rooms. You also should keep in mind whether hanging towels may block outlets or cabinets, so the right rack for the right room is an important decision.

Number of towels

Most hand towel racks can accommodate one or two towels, which is usually all that’s needed in a kitchen or bathroom. In the event you need multiple towels to be available, perhaps in a large kitchen space, look for newer rack designs that have multiple arms for holding multiple towels at once.


There are three main types of mounts for hand towel racks. Over-the-door models include hanging brackets, but these are often more common for bath towels and larger towel sets. Wall-mounted racks are very sturdy and can be positioned exactly where you want them to go. Most come with the hardware needed but can be challenging to install if you aren’t familiar with doing it. Suction cup racks are easily moved and won’t damage the wall surface, but they aren’t always the strongest, so you should only use them with one or two towels. 

What to look for in a quality hand towel rack


Most hand towel racks are made from some form of metal such as stainless steel, chrome or chrome-plated covering. These metallic materials are durable and stand up to the moisture of wet towels. Wooden towel racks are also manufactured, but they can absorb water, so they might be better served in kitchens and bathrooms with minimal moisture.

Additional storage

Some hand towel racks come with built-in shelves or storage units either above or below the rack itself. This provides additional room for towels or other supplies. Keep in mind that this style of hand towel rack is heavier and requires proper mounting to hold the additional weight. You should also make sure you have adequate space for the unit.


Hand towel racks come in different finishes from more stylish brands and designs. You can find racks with a shiny, matte or brushed finish that fits your decorative theme or your personal preference. Keep in mind that fancier finishes increase the overall cost of the towel rack.

How much you can expect to spend on a hand towel rack

Basic towel racks run $10-$20 and hold several towels, while mid-range towel racks run $20-$40 and have more style and appeal. High-end towel racks that are often part of a designer collection cost $40-$60.

Hand towel rack FAQ

How often should you wash hand towels?

A. It’s recommended to wash hand towels every 2-3 days, especially if the hand towels are being used frequently. Some people replace hand towels every day to ensure a dry, sanitary environment.

How do I make sure that my hand towel rack is securely mounted?

A. You should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. For mounts using screws, consider longer screws which can provide extra strength. You also should have the right tools available, which typically includes a hammer, screwdriver and wrench.

What are the best hand towel racks to buy?

Top hand towel rack

Moen Preston 24-Inch Double Towel Bar

Moen Preston 24-Inch Double Towel Bar

What you need to know: This stylish towel bar offers double the capacity while still fitting into small spaces.

What you’ll love: The chrome finish has a mirror-like quality. The front-to-back design features two 5/8-inch bars made from zinc and aluminum. The product is easy to install with a mounting template and the required hardware included.

What you should consider: This towel bar is more expensive than other similar products.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Top hand towel rack for the money

BOPai 24-Inch Suction Cup Towel Bar

BOPai 24-Inch Suction Cup Towel Bar

What you need to know: This suction cup towel bar is surprisingly sturdy for not requiring any drilling or hardware to secure it.

What you’ll love: This towel bar is easy to install and move to a different location if needed. The high-quality silicone suction cup can hold over 7 pounds. It’s lightweight and has a chrome finish.

What you should consider: Make sure that the wall surface is adequately cleaned before applying the towel bar or it won’t hold securely.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

DecoBros Wall Mount Multipurpose Towel Rack

DecoBros Wall Mount Multipurpose Towel Rack

What you need to know: This towel rack has a large capacity and can also serve as an accent piece for your home.

What you’ll love: Ideal for large households, this rack can store up to six towels for future use. The product is 38 inches long by nearly 7 inches wide. It’s wall-mounted to save space and made from high-quality steel.

What you should consider: The design of this towel rack is not intended for wet towels that need to dry out.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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