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Which pantry organizers are best?

Finding the best pantry organizer can make a huge difference in a person’s day-to-day. They encourage you to have a tidy storage structure for snacks, cans and other dry goods. However, since there are a variety of pantry organizers available, it’s important to measure the space you need to fill. This step will allow you to choose a model that will help, not hinder, your pantry’s organization.

The iSPECLE Under-Shelf Hanging Pantry Organizers are a great solution for those with spacious pantry shelves. The sturdy baskets easily fill the space between shelves, and they come in a useful four-pack.

What to know before you buy a pantry organizer


Every pantry is going to be a little different, and even the best kitchen pantries may require some extra organizational help. Depending on your needs, there may be a handful of organizing solutions that can work for your pantry or cabinet. Most of these solutions are versatile enough that you can use them in more places than just your pantry. Some people use them for freezers or refrigerator storage as well.

Pantry dimensions

Most importantly, you’ll want to measure your pantry’s exact dimensions, specifically in the spaces you plan on using your pantry organizers. Then, cross-check this number with any options you’re looking at to make sure your purchase fits in the cabinet space.

Organizer types

There are an array of pantry organizers out there, so deciding which style works best for you will depend on your pantry and needs. Most commonly, you’ll find pantry organizers with wire rack-style shelves, plastic bins or sealing containers that you can stack and arrange easily.

What to look for in a quality pantry organizer


Any pantry organizer you get should be stable enough to hold dry goods. You can often check on this specification by reading the product description to see if it includes a weight limit. In addition, a bin-style pantry organizer is likely more stable than one with a mesh iron design.


The amount of room on or in a pantry organizer determines how much you can fit into the space. The overall capacity will also depend on what food items you plan on storing and packaging it may be in. Take time to consider the type of food you plan on storing as well as the capacity of the organizer to help keep your space neat.


Part of the reason people get a pantry organizer is because it helps you save space in your kitchen cabinet. This, in turn, will help you identify and locate food items more easily as well as free up space for other items. Being able to fit more into the pantry while offering more structure will save space and lessen stress when you’re looking for items.

How much you can expect to spend on pantry organizers

Prices vary depending on the type of pantry organizer you pick. For full-sized container sets, you can usually expect to pay between $35-$70.Wire rack shelves, plastic bins and other budget-friendly pantry organizer solutions cost between $17-$40.

Pantry organizer FAQ

Can you use pantry organizers for other things in the kitchen?

A. Pantry organizers are extremely versatile, and many buyers decide to purchase bulk packs to use in the pantry and other areas. You may use these organizers in the refrigerator, freezer, on the counter or table. You can also use pantry organizers outside the kitchen, like in an office or wardrobe closet. Whether you want to add a little organization to your dressers, side tables and other places around the house, the sky’s the limit.

What are the best pantry organizers for cans?

A. Some pantry organizers feature curved racks which help house and organize cans. Can organizer racks are a great way to create a natural partition between canned goods and other products, without taking up too much space.

What’s the best pantry organizer to buy?

Top pantry organizer

iSPECLE Four-Pack of Hanging Under Shelf Pantry Organizers

iSPECLE Four-Pack of Hanging Under Shelf Pantry Organizers

What you need to know: For those with shelves in their pantries, this hanging organizer helps maximize unused space. It comes in a four-pack of hanging pantry baskets.

What you’ll love: These pantry organizers feature a metal wire basket design, with long slotted arms that attach to shelves on either side. They measure roughly 15 inches wide and four inches tall. You can also purchase under-shelf organizers in black, grey or white finishes.

What you should consider: Since these hanging baskets are such a specific size, some buyers had trouble getting the right dimensions to fit in their pantries.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top pantry organizer for the money

Deco Brothers Dual Stackable Kitchen Pantry Organizer Shelves

Deco Brothers Dual Stackable Kitchen Pantry Organizer Shelves

What you need to know: For an even more affordable space-saving solution, these stackable kitchen pantry organizers add partitions between your various pantry items.

What you’ll love: Besides being affordable, these save a ton of space due to their stackable design. Each shelf is 5.5 inches tall, measuring 11 inches when stacked together. Buyers can purchase these pantry organizers in chrome or black. 

What you should consider: A few buyers said these pantry organizer shelves were a bit less stable than they had hoped.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Simple Houseware Adjustable Chrome Can Rack Pantry Organizer

Simple Houseware Adjustable Chrome Can Rack Pantry Organizer

What you need to know: Another great space-saver for larger pantries, this adjustable can organizer is a great way to keep cans separate from other goods.

What you’ll love: These can holders feature six plastic dividers, allowing you to store up to 36 cans. It’s easy to assemble and works great in many kinds of spaces. You can buy this can shelf set in bronze, chrome, silver or white.

What you should consider: This pantry organizer is a little too large for smaller pantries.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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