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Which Command hooks are best?

Command hooks assist in the organization of various indoor and outdoor items by securely hanging them to the wall. Command products are known for their ability to hang items without damaging the walls or a need to create holes. The right hooks for you should be able to hold an extensive amount of weight and come with extra hanging strips. Before purchasing Command hooks, consider their weight limit, how removable they are and if the hook is plastic or wire. 

For a durable Command hook that’s available in multiple quantities and colors and securely hangs your items, try Command Small Wire Hooks.

What to know before you buy Command hooks

Weight limit 

Each set of Command hooks details a weight limit in the product description — this is how much weight the hook can support before it’s detached from the wall or before it breaks. The thicker and larger the hook, the more weight it can likely hold. You can also search product reviews to see if items you plan on hanging with the hooks have passed a trial and error test from someone who has already tried the product. 


Command hooks should be easy for the user to remove from the wall. Typically, they can be quickly and effortlessly removed and don’t leave any residue or damage on the wall. Though all the products claim to be easily removable, it’s less easy to remove them if the weight limit is exceeded or if they weren’t carefully stuck to the surface to begin with. 

Wire hook

More durable hooks are made with wire rather than plastic. Wire hooks can hold more than plastic hooks and work well to support items that don’t grip to the hook. Plastic hooks feature a softer edge that makes it easier for items like coats and shirts to slip off of them easily, whereas wire hooks are less blunt and keep the item securely on the hook. They’re also thinner and can work better for picture frames. 


Command hooks are sold in sets of various hooks ranging in quantity. The smaller the hooks, the larger quantities are available for purchase. If you plan to use the same hooks for multiple projects, consider purchasing hooks that are available in a larger quantity. Large, thick hooks are available as singles. 

What to look for in quality Command hooks

Extra strips 

Command hooks come with extra strips. Those hooks that include extra strips allow the user to get more use out of the hook once the first sticky strip is no longer of use. After the initial strip loses its grip, you can save some money if extra strips were included.


Command trips are very durable and can hold up many household and personal items effortlessly and securely. They’re popular for the way they provide just as much support and durability as other hanging methods (such as nails) without damaging the wall. This can be especially handy for those renting a property. 


Command hooks come in multiple colors, but the most common are white, black, silver, gold and clear. Clear hooks are more discreet when hanging your items. If you don’t want the hook to be seen, consider purchasing a clear Command hook. 

How much you can expect to spend on Command hooks

Command hooks cost anywhere from $4-$25 depending on how many hooks come in a pack and their features. Products that come in a large quantity and are made with the most durable materials are priced higher. 

Command hooks FAQ

How many Command strips are needed per hook? 

A. Only one Command strip is needed per hook. Using more than one strip can make the item look bulkier on the wall and could cause it to lose its stick more quickly. 

What happens if I exceed the weight limit of a Command hook? 

A. Exceeding the weight limit of the Command hook could not only cause the product to break, but it could rip the paint and wallpaper off the wall where it’s placed. Exceeding the weight limit is not recommended. 

What are the best Command hooks to buy?

Top Command hooks

Command Small Wire Hooks

Command Small Wire Hooks

What you need to know: These Command hooks are extremely adhesive and prevent damage to the surfaces they’re placed on.  

What you’ll love: These hooks are made from durable plastic and can be used both indoors and outdoors. There are no tools necessary to hang and assemble, and there’s no residue left after they’re removed. Each hook holds half a pound. These hooks are small and compact and can be reused with the purchase of more adhesive strips. They feature a small wire hook and are available in packs of various quantities and colors.

What you should consider: If these hooks aren’t removed carefully, they can tear wallpaper and rip off paint. Some users question their durability, as these hooks wear quickly. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Staples

Top Command hook for the money

Command Jumbo Utility Hook

Command Jumbo Utility Hook

What you need to know: This Command hook comes as a single, can hold up to 7.5 pounds and is made with durable plastic. 

What you’ll love: This hook can be used indoors and outdoors and on any solid surface besides a mirror or window. No tools are needed for assembly, and the Command strip can be removed cleanly. Three extra strips are included for reuse and they can also be used in areas like the shower to hang items, since they aren’t affected by moisture. 

What you should consider: This hook is smaller than it looks in the photo, and some users find it doesn’t work for holding medium-sized outdoor items such as stools, brooms or ladders. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Staples

Worth checking out

Command Clear Medium Hooks

Command Clear Medium Hooks 

What you need to know: These Command hooks are small and clear and are available in different quantities. They’re lightweight and sturdy and hold up to 2 pounds. 

What you’ll love: You don’t need anything but the hook and Command strips to assemble, and various strips are included. The clear color of these hooks makes them discreet, allowing for greater organization without a cluttered look. They’re easy to store when not in use. 

What you should consider: It isn’t recommended to stick these hooks to your windows, and they’re best used indoors. Some say these hooks don’t stick well, and they don’t come with instructions on how to hang them. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Staples

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