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Which nail polish organizers are best?

You’re ready for a night out on the town, and all that’s missing is that perfect shade of nail polish. But when you rummage through the various places where you keep your favorites, it’s nowhere to be found. Avoid the frustration of scattered bottles and leaks from tipped-over containers by organizing your collection. If you’re looking for an inexpensive but effective way to organize your polishes, Makartt Universal Clear Nail Polish Organizer Holder for 48 Bottles is the top choice. 

What to know before you buy a nail polish organizer

The size of your collection

With as many places as one can squirrel away polishes, getting a handle on the number of bottles you own is not always an easy feat. It’s good to do an inventory of nail polishes every few years. Take a moment to look at each bottle, shake it, and see if the contents of the polish have separated. Toss any that don’t glide on smoothly. Then, count what’s left. That will help you calculate how big a nail polish organizer you’ll need.

Your storage area

The nail polish organizer will depend on how much room you have for storage. If you have scant storage, you’ll want a nail polish organizer that easily tucks away under a bed or bureau. If you’ve got plenty of surface area, an organizer that also displays your nail polishes will help you find the perfect one at a glance.

Whether you want to keep manicure tools with your polishes

Some nail polish organizers only have room for a collection of polishes. Others, like a rotating display, have slots of different heights and widths to store a variety of items. If keeping clippers, orange sticks, nail files and other items with your polishes is a priority, opt for a storage container that has room for those, or buy separate “manicure set” storage.

What to look for in a quality nail polish organizer


Nail polish can be messy. It can leak if not capped tightly. The small bottles gather dust. A storage container you can easily put in a sink or dishwasher to get clean will save you time and aggravation. If you’ve got a big collection or want to be able to take it on the go, opt for storage that can be easily cleaned. 


Do you like to do your nails on the go? Are you the go-to manicurist in your friend group? A portable carrier that secures your polishes may be the way to go. If you only do your nails at home and have room to spread out, a tabletop display organizer can hold more bottles and make them visible to help you find the perfect shade quickly.

An organizing system that makes sense for you

Do you like to keep polishes of certain color families together? Do you prefer to stack them by size? Whatever your preferred organizational system, be sure to buy a container that has the right slots for it.

How much you can expect to spend on a nail polish organizer

A sturdy plastic organizer can be had for around $20. More elaborate acrylic displays or train cases will cost $40-$60.

Nail polish organizer FAQ

What’s the best place to store nail polish?

A. The pigments in nail polish last longest when they’re kept away from heat and direct sunlight. A closet or under the bed works well. The bathroom is not an ideal place to store nail polish, since the heat from showers and baths can raise the temperature. If the bathroom is the only option, choose a closet or vanity drawer and be sure to regularly shake your nail polishes to keep ingredients well blended.

Are wall-mounted nail polish storage units OK?

A. Wall-mounted storage is ideal when counter space is at a premium. Be sure to consider the spot carefully. Look at your intended wall space at several times of the day to make sure it’s never in direct sunlight.

What’s the best nail polish organizer to buy?

Top nail polish organizer

Makartt Universal Clear Nail Polish Organizer Holder for 48 Bottles

Makartt Universal Clear Nail Polish Organizer Holder for 48 Bottles

What you need to know: Sturdy, portable, with slots for a sizable collection, this inexpensive nail polish organizer will meet most needs.

What you’ll love: The slim profile allows you to slip this organizer anywhere for easy storage. The movable section dividers allow you to make room for taller tools such as nail files.

What you should consider: Taller polish bottles will not fit in this organizer.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top nail polish organizer for the money

KINGROW Nail Polish Organizer 72 Bottles of 6 Layers Acrylic Display Rack

KINGROW Nail Polish Organizer 72 Bottles of 6 Layers Acrylic Display Rack

What you need to know: When you’ve got plenty of counter space and lots of nail polishes to store, this nail salon-worthy display case puts all your favorites at your fingertips.

What you’ll love: Ample enough for even the most robust collection, and easy to clean, this beautiful, stacked organizer is a great choice to keep your nail polish collection easily accessible.

What you should consider: This organizer requires assembly. It’s not hard, but it’s worth noting you’ll need some tools to get it looking like the pictures.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Luxja Nail Polish Carrying Case for 30 Bottles

Luxja Nail Polish Carrying Case for 30 Bottles

What you need to know: A padded, portable carrier that holds a good selection of nail polishes in flexible pouches.

What you’ll love: This is great for protecting your polishes on the go. It has space at the top for a selection of manicure tools, so it can serve as an all-around nail polish storage solution.

What you should consider: It only holds 30 bottles, so if you have a big collection, this won’t hold all your nail polish.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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