Which pink mascaras are best?

Pink mascara is a statement-making addition to any look or outfit. Selecting the right shade, formula and benefits for you can be a daunting task, so considering the right things is important. 

For a high-pigment pink mascara, NYX Professional Makeup Pink Petals Color Mascara is a top choice. The bright and vibrant formula is waterproof, lengthening and volumizing and easy to apply without clumping.

What to know before you buy a pink mascara


Choosing a mascara that’s free from harmful or hazardous ingredients is essential to protecting your eyelashes. Check the ingredients list on your pink mascara and choose one that’s free from harmful alcohols, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, parabens and sulfates. This is particularly important if you have sensitive eyes or skin.

Eye color

Pink mascara looks flattering on green and hazel eyes. Green and pink are on opposite sides of the color wheel, meaning that pink mascara makes green or hazel eyes stand out. If you have blue or gray eyes, choose a dark pink mascara instead of a light or baby pink to make the color of your eyes look more vibrant. If you have brown eyes, all colored mascaras are complementary, including all shades of pink.


There are a variety of mascara wands or brushes available to create different looks with your eye makeup.

  • Choose a thick and dense wand if you’re looking to volumize and thicken your eyelashes.
  • If you want to define and separate your lashes without clumping, a thin, long brush is best.
  • A curved mascara wand is best for curling your lashes while you coat them, and a tapered brush with a point is a great choice for reaching the small lashes in the inner corners of your eyes.
  • A twisted corkscrew brush is a great choice for full coverage while making the lashes appear thicker.

If you’re struggling to make your mascara look how you want it to on your lashes, changing wands is a great place to start.

What to look for in a quality pink mascara


Pink mascaras are available in a variety of shades including light baby pink, bright hot pink and even deep purple-pink. As well as choosing a shade to complement your eye color, think about the sort of makeup look you’re creating. For a subtle highlight to your eyes, choose a darker pink mascara, as it will look close to a standard black or brown mascara with a hint of fun. Choose a light or soft pink for a bolder, more intense color.


Choosing a pink mascara that includes hydrating or conditioning properties is a great way to nourish and protect your lashes while wearing your makeup. Look for a formula that includes argan oil, vitamins A and E, keratin or wheat extract to ensure your eyelashes stay moisturized and don’t dry out or break due to harsh ingredients. 


While a waterproof formula is great if you’re likely to be swimming or getting wet while wearing it, non-waterproof mascaras are a lot easier to remove. If you don’t need the waterproof features, an easy-to-remove mascara can protect your eyelashes from damage, so it may be a better choice. However, a lot of users prefer the waterproof features in hotter months, as they make your mascara less likely to smudge or run when you sweat.

How much you can expect to spend on pink mascara

Pink mascaras vary in price depending on brand, ingredients and formula, but you can typically expect to spend $8-$20 per mascara.

Pink mascara FAQ

Why isn’t my pink mascara showing up on my lashes?

A. Some colored mascaras can be difficult to build vibrantly on dark eyelashes. If your pink mascara isn’t appearing as brightly as you’d like, try using a white eyelash primer as a base coat. This creates a light foundation for the color to sit on top of, making it more obvious.

How should I remove pink mascara?

A. The best way to remove pink mascara is to soak a cotton makeup pad in eye makeup remover and hold it over your eyelashes for 30 seconds. This loosens the formula so you can then gently rub the pad along your lashes to remove any residue. Avoid aggressive rubbing, picking or peeling, as this can damage your eyelashes.

What are the best pink mascaras to buy?

Top pink mascara

NYX Professional Makeup Pink Petals Color Mascara

NYX Professional Makeup Pink Petals Color Mascara

What you need to know: This highly pigmented pink mascara is waterproof, volumizing and lengthening. It’s easy to apply without clumping.

What you’ll love: The color is bright and flattering, and most users found it showed up on their lashes without needing white primer.

What you should consider: Some users found the formula to be quite thick when applying.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top pink mascara for the money

GL-Turelifes Handaiyan Pink Mascara

GL-Turelifes Handaiyan Pink Mascara

What you need to know: This bright formula is waterproof, sweat-proof and smudge-proof. The brush is thin and easy to use, curling your lashes as it applies your mascara.

What you’ll love: This pink mascara is able to be worn alone or layered with other colors for an ombre look. The formula is lengthening for an intense, defined finished product.

What you should consider: The formula dries very quickly, which some users found difficult to work with.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Maydear Waterproof Color Mascara - Rose

Maydear Waterproof Color Mascara – Rose

What you need to know: This mascara is brightly colored and waterproof. The light texture means the formula goes on without clumping or flaking.

What you’ll love: The formula is lengthening, thickening and easy to apply. It includes moisturizing ingredients to hydrate your lashes as it adds color.

What you should consider: Some users found that the mascara smudged after long wear.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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