Which toddler pajama is best?

Finding the perfect pajama for your little one is just as important as finding the perfect daytime clothes. A pajama’s fabric, style and fit will help you on your hunt for the best pair for your toddler.

The best types of PJs won’t require you to bribe your kids, but instead will include all the qualities you’re looking for. A set that features a tag-free design and soft fabric like AVAUMA’s Baby Polka Dot Pajama Set is ideal.

What to know before you buy a toddler pajamas


When you decide to buy pajamas online, always ensure that you double-check your toddler’s size. Since toddlers have different body types, you’ll want to look at designs and styles that will best complement your kid’s growing body. Also, all manufacturers adhere to current safety guidelines for children’s pajamas, so ensure that your little one’s pair is snug.


There are so many trendy prints and patterns to choose from for your little one’s pajamas. Pajama sets will come with a matching top and bottom. Sleeping shirts or dresses are perfect if your kid prefers their PJs to be loose and comfortable. However, they can get snagged on objects or catch fire easily, so make sure that they’re not too loose. 

If you prefer practicality and convenience, a onesie is a great choice. The material adjusts with growth spurts easily, can be worn all year long and is typically made from soft materials. Some will even feature festive patterns and themes.


Because your kids’ PJs are a main part of their sleeping routine, comfort should be your top priority. If your toddler is constantly restless, fussing over collars and messing with buttons, nap time can become a frustrating experience. Sleepwear without pockets, baubles and collars are better options. These usually feature a round or crew neckline, great fabric elasticity and drawstrings for the bottoms. This will make your toddler’s sleeping experience much less of a fuss.

What to look for in a quality toddler pajama


Toddlers need pajamas that are comfortable, made with soft material and not too hot. Make sure they are also form fitting so that there isn’t a risk of the fabric catching fire.

It’s also best to avoid sets that have loose ribbons, decorations or other embellishments that could come loose and pose a choking hazard. Well-done stitching, easily accessible closures and breathable fabrics are all signs of a well-made pajama set.


Soft, comfortable and lightweight pajamas will keep your kids cozy in all types of weather. The best PJs will be designed with both sleep and play in mind. If you don’t want to purchase sleeping sets, you can mix and match sleepwear tops and bottoms instead.

Care instructions

Your toddler’s pajamas will need to be washed regularly. Although regular fabrics can be thrown into the washing machine easily, some items will need to be hand-washed or line-dried if they’re made from less durable materials. Pajama sets with special instructions shouldn’t deter you from investing in higher-quality pieces that are more durable.


Investing in a well-made pair of PJs that will stay with you for a long time regardless of how much wear and tear your toddler puts them through. Always ensure to examine the pajama’s material, especially its seams and threading. Synthetic materials, whether they are fully bended or not with other premium textiles, usually pale in comparison to the durability of a handmade item.

How much does a toddler pajama cost?

Although most pairs of toddler pajamas go for around $20, there are more expensive options that can range from $30-$50.

Toddler pajama FAQ

Are toddler pajamas only made from cotton?

A. Cotton, flannel and fleece are all popular pajama fabrics. PJs made with flannel are best to use in colder weather because they hold heat. Fleece is more durable and can be worn anywhere that the environment is rougher on clothing.

How often should you wash your toddler’s pajamas?

A. Experts recommend that you should wash your toddler’s pajamas at least every three to four nights. If your toddler is messy, you may have to wash them more often. If you typically give your toddler a bath before bed, you can possibly wash them less often.

Do toddler pajamas have pockets?

A. Button-down pajamas will sometimes have front pockets that are for show more than functionality. Cotton, flannel, or polyester sets may have pockets, but if they’re made as loungewear or sleepwear specifically, they might not.

Can toddler pajamas be worn year-round?

A. Generally, no. Most pajamas are made to be worn during certain times of the year. Comfy T-shirts and shorts, oversized button-down tops and nightgowns are all well suited to keep your toddler cool during hot weather. Once the temperature drops, the best options will be long sleeves and long pants made from fleece.

What’s the best toddler pajama to buy?

Top toddler pajama

 AVAUMA Baby Pajama Set Toddler Snug Fit PJs

 AVAUMA Baby Pajama Set Toddler Snug Fit PJs

What you need to know: This super-duper cute collection of PJ sets is both trendy and made from 100% high-quality cotton material.

What you’ll love: You don’t have to worry about these pajamas causing skin irritation or overheating. The material’s breathability makes them ideal to use for leisure, underwear and sleep, regardless of the temperature.

What you should consider: They’re only available in long-sleeve varieties, so they may be too hot to wear in the summer.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top toddler pajama for the money

AVAUMA’s Baby Polka Dot Pajama Set

AVAUMA’s Baby Polka-Dot Pajama Set

What you need to know: Available in a variety of adorable shades that feature a minimalistic polka dot pattern, each set is made with soft fabric.

What you’ll love: Specifically crafted with a toddler’s busy day in mind, this PJ set is high quality, breathable and absorbent in case any messy accidents happen. The brand’s collection of stylish colors will match any outfit regardless of season and can be used as underwear.

What you should consider: This set fits snugly, so the designer recommends going up one size or two so that your toddler is completely comfortable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

VAENAIT BABY Toddler Tie Dye Short & Long Pajamas

VAENAIT BABY Toddler Tie Dye Short & Long Pajamas

What you need to know: You can choose from over 12 different brightly colored designs and tie-dye patterns that your kids are bound to love.

What you’ll love: This pair doesn’t feature a tag for its label and offers lots of coziness and softness. The set is made from 100% cotton, so you don’t have to worry about fabric breathability.

What you should consider: There aren’t a variety of sizes you can choose from and the ones available run pretty small.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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