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Which baby snow boot is best?

If you think getting wet, cold feet in the middle of a snowy winter is miserable for you, then try to imagine how miserable it would be for a baby. Getting a good pair of baby snow boots can mean the difference between a day of fun or a day of tears and tantrums.

The best baby snow boot is the Bogs Unisex-Child Baby Waterproof Snow Boot. These baby snow boots are supremely functional, with little handles to allow your little one to help put them on.

What to know before you buy baby snow boots


A common misstep when buying clothing for babies is to buy larger sizes so they can grow into them. This is an especially bad idea for baby snow boots, as larger-than-appropriate sizes can lead to your baby walking out of the boot if it gets stuck and allowing snow to enter and fill the voids.

Each baby snow-boot manufacturer has different sizing charts, so make sure to order the size that most closely approximates your baby’s feet measurements.


Material isn’t quite as important an aspect with baby snow boots, since they’re usually going to be outgrown before durability really matters. One thing to note is that leather baby snow boots require breaking in, which can be uncomfortable for your baby and, once again, they’ll outgrow it before it’s comfortable. Instead, go for a synthetic material that’s soft but strong enough to withstand an entire winter season.

On/off method

You’re likely the one who will be putting on and taking off your baby’s snow boots, so you’ll want a model that has the easiest method for this. Zippered and hook-and-loop fasteners are your best bet for baby snow boots, with the latter being more adjustable and zippers being generally more secure, though they do run the risk of getting stuck or breaking. You’ll want to avoid laced baby snow boots.

What to look for in a quality baby snow boot


The more waterproof or water-resistant your baby snow boots are, the more comfortable your baby will be. These aspects are usually clearly stated in the product description, but one fact to keep in mind is that it’s usually the sole which is waterproof, while the rest of the boot is generally only water-resistant.


If your baby isn’t walking this section doesn’t matter, but if they do walk, then choosing a baby snow boot with a good sole is imperative. You’ll want a sole with a good level of tread and grip to help your baby stay on their feet even on the slipperiest surfaces.

How much you can expect to spend on baby snow boots

Baby snow boots are available in two key price ranges: looks-only and functional. Looks-only baby snow boots can be as cheap as under $10, though they can also cost up to $20. Functional baby snow boots can start around $10 to $15, though you’ll find the best options for $20-$40. Over $40, you’ll find baby snow boots meant for serious use.

Baby snow boot FAQ

Does the lining of a baby snow boot matter?

A. Yes, it does. Better linings often lead to a more comfortable baby snow boot and especially a warmer one. Your best lining material will usually be a fleece made of a synthetic material like polyester, with faux fleeces made from cotton being runners-up. There are other lining types, but none as good as these two options. 

Are the temperature ratings on baby snow boots accurate?

A. The temperature ratings on baby snow boots are more like guidelines than rules, mostly due to the fact that putting improper socks on your baby renders these temperature readings moot. But as long as you’re using the proper type of socks, then you can assume most temperature ratings on baby snow boots to be accurate enough to follow.

What’s the best baby snow boot to buy?

Top baby snow boot 

Bogs Unisex-Child Baby Waterproof Snow Boot

Bogs Unisex-Child Baby Waterproof Snow Boot

What you need to know: These baby snow boots are great for introducing your child to putting on their own boots.

What you’ll love: These baby snow boots are fully waterproof against not only melting snow, but also rain and other puddles. The inside is lined with faux fur for an animal-conscious but warm and snug baby snow boot, plus the rubber sole is firm and stable.

What you should consider: Be cautious when purchasing one of the dozen color and design options, as some designs use different, lower-quality materials that may impact the waterproofing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top baby snow boot for the money

Livebox Winter Infant Prewalker Toddler Snow Boots

Livebox Winter Infant Prewalker Toddler Snow Boots

What you need to know: If you’re one to make sure your baby looks as good as they feel, then these baby snow boots are a good option.

What you’ll love: These baby snow boots are available in eight color and design options, some with included bows, ribbons or flowers. The interior uses soft fleece to keep your baby’s feet warm and comfortable, and the soles are anti-slip for a reasonable grip.

What you should consider: The sizing options have led to confusion and difficulty picking the correct size among many consumers. Others have noted that this boot leans more toward fashion than function.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Northside Icicle Snow Boot

Northside Icicle Snow Boot

What you need to know: These baby snow boots are excellent for babies who’ve learned to walk,and they aren’t without their fashionable options.

What you’ll love: These baby snow boots are easy to put on and take off, thanks to a zipper design that securely fastens the baby snow boots onto your baby’s feet. The sole is highly textured, with a strong grip to prevent slipping.

What you should consider: These baby snow boots aren’t the most durable; consumers reported a tendency for the seams to rip after some use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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