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Which MAM pacifiers are best?

MAM pacifiers are perfect for new parents and caretakers who want to lull a baby to sleep. You can simply place a pacifier in the baby’s mouth and watch them soothe themselves into slumber. MAM pacifiers are one of the top essentials for a baby, and the MAM Air Night and Day Pacifiers are a first-class option to keep your baby happy.

What to know before you buy a MAM pacifier

Nipple shape

Pacifiers come in a few different shapes, including orthodontic and round-tip. The round-tip shape is the traditional pacifier, which imitates the shape of a nipple. It’s also known as a cherry nipple. And because the nipple has a ball-shaped tip, there is no right way up. This kind of nipple is good for breastfed infants, as it helps avoid nipple confusion.

Orthodontic pacifiers help keep a child’s top and bottom jaw in a neutral position, which doesn’t interfere with the growth and development of their jaw. This shape only has one right way up. Some of these models include angled nipples, while others are round at the top and flat at the bottom.

Pacifier material

There are a few different materials manufacturers use for the pacifier nipples, including rubber, latex and silicone. Silicone is the most popular material since it’s simple to clean, firm and lasts longer than other materials. 

Latex has a softer, more flexible feel than silicone, but it’s not quite as durable. Rubber is a plastic-free option, often made from a natural material. These nipples tend to be softer than silicone, and they are biodegradable and eco-friendly.


It’s important to pick the right size pacifier for a child, which manufacturers usually divide into age ranges. Pacifiers tend to come in 18+ months, 16+ months, 12+ months, 6+ months, 3+ months and newborn. Newborn pacifiers are sized for 0-2 months, 0-3 months or 0-6 months.

What to look for in a quality MAM pacifier

Toy attachments

Some pacifiers come with a plush toy attachment or clips. These attachments make it easier for babies to find their pacifier after it inevitably falls out of their mouths. These toys are also easy to spot in a cluttered diaper bag.


It’s important to find a pacifier that’s free of bisphenol A (BPA). No one should drink or eat out of plastic containing BPA, as it’s a harmful chemical.


Most pacifiers include guards or shields attached to the nipples to keep them in a child’s mouth. They also ensure the baby does not accidentally choke or swallow the pacifier.

How much you can expect to spend on a MAM pacifier

MAM pacifiers range in price from about $3-$15. Latex or silicone pacifiers cost between $3-5, while natural rubber pacifiers are closer to $8-$12. High-end pacifiers with toy attachments vary in price, but you’ll typically find them for $9-$15.

MAM pacifier FAQ

How old should a child be before you give them a pacifier?

A. If you are breastfeeding your child, wait until you have established a breastfeeding routine to avoid any nipple confusion. If you plan on using a bottle, wait until the child is at least three or four weeks old before you give them a pacifier.

Do all babies like pacifiers?

A. Unfortunately, some children simply don’t like any pacifiers no matter what kind you give them. Some infants and babies simply don’t like sucking on pacifiers, but they might like sucking on their thumb instead. Don’t feel like you need to force a child to like a pacifier if they aren’t interested in using one. However, test out a few different kinds of pacifiers before you rule it out altogether.

How do you clean a pacifier?

A. Make sure to thoroughly clean a baby’s pacifier before giving it to them. You can boil it until or run it through the dishwasher, as long as it’s dishwasher-safe. Continue cleaning the pacifier in this way until the child is at least six months old, since it takes six months to develop their immune system. After your child reaches six months of age, you can simply wash the pacifier with soap and hot water to clean it.

What’s the best MAM pacifier to buy?

Top MAM pacifier

MAM Air Night and Day Pacifiers

MAM Air Night and Day Pacifiers

What you need to know: This minimal pacifier utilizes reduced skin contact to prevent skin irritation.

What you’ll love: This three-pack of pacifiers gives your baby’s skin proper airflow. It includes one glow-in-the-dark pacifier for nighttime and two regular ones for daytime. The BPA-free silicone nipple encourages dental health and mimics the breast.

What you should consider: Some consumers received an incorrect design for this product.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top MAM pacifier for the money

MAM Day and Night Pacifier

MAM Day and Night Pacifier

What you need to know: This solid, simple product features a classic shape that is comfortable for any baby. It comes with air holes to allow for optimal air flow between the plastic and skin.

What you’ll love: It comes in a three-pack, and includes one glow-in-the-dark pacifier and two regular ones. Children ages six months and up will enjoy these soft pacifiers, which are shaped to promote oral health.

What you should consider: The curved portion of the shield might leave marks on your child’s skin.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

MAM Comfort Pacifiers

MAM Comfort Pacifiers

What you need to know: If you want a flexible, lightweight pacifier that’s designed for infants and newborns, this two pack is perfect. It’s suited for babies four-months old and younger.

What you’ll love: These BPA-free silicone pacifiers come in a two-pack, featuring a curved shield with a symmetrical nipple and air holes. They’re perfect for oral health and your child should accept them easily.

What you should consider: The nipple on this product is smaller than other pacifiers out there.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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