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Which women’s puffer jacket is best?

Puffer jackets have many benefits, so it’s easy to see why they are so popular. They are lightweight, keep you warm and are easy to travel with. If you are in the market for a women’s puffer jacket, the Columbia Women’s Powder Lite Jacket is built for comfort and protection, and comes in an assortment of colors and patterns. 

What to know before you buy a women’s puffer jacket


Puffer jackets are similar to down jackets in their construction, with the main difference being the shorter length and the design. Puffer jackets are crafted in layers with filling. This filling is made of cotton fibers or down feathers and is stuffed in tube-like sections sewn in a quilt style. The fabric on the outside of the jacket is usually a slick, water-resistant nylon, while the inside can be similar, or a fabric such as fleece or flannel. These jackets include fitted cuffs and near the hips, a high collar and a hood in some versions.

Stylish and popular

These jackets are staples for many people’s winter wardrobes and seem to never go out of style. It’s this essential timeless look that makes puffer jackets so popular. Styles and lengths vary slightly and can be transformed depending on your outfit of choice and color into urban streetwear, sporty or classy and sophisticated.

Body type and fit

While these jackets can be fitted near the waist and hips, this may not be the ideal fit for all body types. That said, puffer jackets can be bulky and roomy as well as more snug and form-fitting. Those planning to wear this jacket for outdoor activities tend to prefer a form-fitting jacket because they are less likely to snag and tear on objects. Bulkier puffer jackets are thicker and usually are worn as casual outerwear.

What to look for in a quality women’s puffer jacket

Lightweight and durable

Whether you are learning toward purchasing a bulky puffer jacket or one that is more fitted, both should be lightweight and made to last several winters. Because of how these jackets are made, they are designed to be dense yet light due to the filing materials used. This design traps your body heat and retains it. Check what the filling is made of before purchasing a puffer jacket.

Travels well

A puffer jacket is a great winter jacket for traveling and it fits in most suitcases. One issue you may encounter when it comes to packing is having to fluff your jacket back to its original shape when you unpack. However, these jackets tend to bounce back to their normal shapes fairly quickly and easily. Look for jackets that are less bulky and have more quilting in them so you can fold them better for travel.

Water resistant

This style of outerwear is made for keeping you warm. Removable hoods, high collars and deep pockets are just a few of the added features in a puffer jacket. Aside from these, the outer fabric lining should be water resistant and keep you protected from snowy or rainy weather. Take note that while puffer jackets can be water resistant, they are not really water repelling, meaning some water may get absorbed but overall, you will stay dry.

How much you can expect to spend on women’s puffer jacket

A women’s puffer jacket can be quite the investment, with prices ranging from $35 up to $450. 

Women’s puffer jacket FAQ

Are puffer jackets meant to be tight?

A. Puffer jackets tend to be fitted, meaning they are snug, but should not be very tight. You should be able to wear your clothing comfortably underneath your puffer jacket with room.

How do you clean a puffer jacket?

A. You can wash a puffer jacket by hand or in the washing machine; however, read the care instructions before you wash and dry your jacket. Most instructions will tell you to wash in cold water on the gentle cycle. Make sure all zippers are closed and take off the removable hood if there is one. Hang the puffer jacket to fully dry or use the low heat cycle of your dryer.

What’s the best women’s puffer jacket to buy?

Top women’s puffer jacket

Columbia Women's Powder Lite Jacket

Columbia Women’s Powder Lite Jacket

What you need to know: A well-insulated jacket without the bulk, it traps and locks in heat while protecting you from the elements.

What you’ll love: This jacket is water resistant and made to reflect your body heat instead of absorbing it. It has fitted cuffs and a collar for extra protection from the cold.

What you should consider: Many users mentioned the size being too small or not consistent with true size.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Top women’s puffer jacket for the money

BodiLove Women's Winter Quilted Puffer Jacket

BodiLove Women’s Winter Quilted Puffer Jacket

What you need to know: This fashionable puffer jacket has all the features you want at a price that will not hurt your wallet. 

What you’ll love: The removable faux-fur hood and fuzzy inside lining provide plenty of warmth and comfort. This jacket is luxurious and affordable without looking cheaply made.

What you should consider: Users mentioned stitching unraveling at the seams near the inside of the lining.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Tommy Hilfiger Women's Short Puffer Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Short Puffer Jacket

What you need to know: This high-quality puffer jacket with a classic sporty look is guaranteed to keep you warm.

What you’ll love: The Tommy Hilfiger logo designs are stitched throughout this jacket. It comes in different colors and styles, with some having high collars and removable hoods.

What you should consider: This jacket may not be long enough for taller people.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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