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Which plaid shackets are best?

Shackets are not a new phenomenon. But, they’ve been making the rounds in recent years as fall fashion has become more and more ubiquitous. These unique pieces combine both a shirt and a jacket. The shirt part refers to a long sleeve and collared neck with a button closure. The jacket portion means that the shirt is made with heavier materials to make it more durable and warmer. Shackets are best for fall weather where you want layered clothing and something that will keep you warm when you need it. 

The best shacket is the Magritta V Neck Plaid Shacket which comes in a huge variety of colors to match every outfit. It’s made with 100% polyester so it’s ideal for slightly warmer fall climates.

What to know before you buy a plaid shacket

Flannel vs. plaid

Shackets are often made with a plaid design. This is mainly due to their association with the fall season. But, it’s important to understand the difference between plaid and flannel because they are often confused with one another. Flannel is the actual material of the shacket. It’s a cotton fabric that has a soft, fuzzy feel to it from the brushing process it undergoes. Plaid however is the weaving process in making flannel fabric. It involves over-and-under weaves to create a box pattern with a variety of colors. If you’re looking for other flannel options, check out this list of Best Flannel Shirts for Women and Best Flannel Shirts for Men from Best Reviews.

Plaid color options

Speaking of colors, shacket makers often create a wide variety of patterns to go along with their collections. While most are in the plaid style, they include several different palettes. Most of these include a black or white weave with one or two other base colors. For instance, you can have a white box weave that’s complemented by green and blue colors layered between it. Brown is another popular color variety making it great for that fall season aesthetic. Brown plaid can be paired with orange, white, black and yellow weaves.


The oversized look is another shacket feature that’s especially common for women’s pieces. Once again, this look has been made popular by the fall style of layering clothing. Not only is layering fashionable, but it’s also practical, allowing you to adjust your outfit based on the changing temperatures of the season. Oversized shackets will have dropped shoulders, meaning the shoulder hem will be down by your bicep instead of actually on your shoulder. Don’t worry, this won’t make your sleeves longer as many oversized shackets have 3/4-length sleeves. 

What to look for in a quality plaid shacket


Flannel is the ideal material for shackets. It’s highly durable and will keep you warm in cooler climates. If you plan to wear your shacket in a climate that falls to around 40 degrees in the fall, then look for one made with flannel material. Another great benefit of flannel is that it gets softer with time. If you’ve ever worn a vintage flannel then you’ll know exactly how this feels. You also won’t need to iron the flannel which makes it easier to care for.

Button closures

Most shackets will have button closures on the front. You can find some varieties that have zippered or buttoned closures, but these will often be of a lesser quality. Button closures provide the best look of these three options because most collared shirts use the same structure. If you’re buying an extended length plaid shacket, the button closures will go as far as your knees while standard shackets will start at the top of the shirt and go down to the waist area. There are also V-neck shackets where the buttons start at the chest to allow for a more open area at the neck. 


Sherpa lining is designed after traditional sheep fleece jackets. It’s made with cotton or polyester and only has the appearance of sheep’s wool. Shackets will sometimes use sherpa on the interior to make them more viable in the cold. You’ll only be able to see the sherpa when the shacket is unbuttoned, although sometimes they’ll cover the collar with the same interior lining. Sherpa is excellent at trapping in your body heat. It’s so good in fact that sherpa-lined shackets are made with winter in mind. 

How much you can expect to spend on plaid shacket

Plaid shackets cost between $28-$68.

Plaid shacket FAQ

Are shackets warm?

A. This largely depends on the material they are made with. Flannel is known for being heavier with the ability to keep you warm in cold climates. However, if you purchase a shacket made with 100% polyester it will lack the heat trapping abilities of cotton and flannel.

Are shackets considered casual?

A. Yes, for the most part shackets are a casual look. This is mainly due to them frequently being oversized which means they are designed for layering over other pieces of clothing. Also, their flannel designs imply a casual look as well. 

What’s the best plaid shacket to buy?

Top plaid shacket

Magritta V Neck Plaid Shacket

Magritta V Neck Plaid Shacket

What you need to know: This quality shacket from Magritta comes in a wider variety of colors and materials than any other brand.

What you’ll love: Each shacket has a V neck and button closures. They’re made with 100% polyester and there’s even a corduroy version made with the same material. The corduroy itself comes in several different colors while the plaid varieties come in 12 different color options. The sizes range from small to XXXL.

What you should consider: These shackets are meant to be hand washed only. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top plaid shacket for the money

Long Length Plaid Shacket

Long Length Plaid Shacket

What you need to know: This shacket takes style and comfort to the next level with an extended length that goes below the knees.

What you’ll love: Along with the extended length you’ll find dropped shoulders and shorter-looking sleeves that give it an oversized look. However, it still maintains its true-to-size- fit. The flannel is made using 100% polyester for a more breathable and comfortable feel.

What you should consider: The shacket only goes up to a size XXL.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Sherpa Lined Plaid Shacket

Sherpa Lined Plaid Shacket

What you need to know: This men’s shirt jacket is made with 100% yarn spun cotton for a quality look and durable feel.

What you’ll love: The first thing you’ll notice is the two large breast pockets on either side that include a button closure. There are also two side pockets to keep your hands warm. It has a sherpa lining on the inside which works to better trap the heat from your body when it gets too cold. It has a wide range of sizes from extra small to XXXL and up to 10 color patterns. 

What you should consider: This jacket is a bit heavier than other brands due to the sherpa lining.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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