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Which maternity loungewear is best?

Cozy, well-made and snug loungewear is always a treat, regardless of who you’re getting it for, but especially for expecting moms. Even if you plan on spending more time at home or out and about after being cooped up all year, it’s the perfect time to refresh your current maternity wardrobe. The best maternity loungewear is the perfect mixture of comfy pajamas or nightgowns that are combined with the practicality of athletic wear.

Most loungewear clothing pieces will be made from breathable fabrics and feature a relaxed fit, all while accommodating your growing baby bump. If you want a quality set that is also super stylish and versatile, look no further than the Kindred Bravely Bella Ribbed Maternity Loungewear Set.

What to know before you buy maternity loungewear


If you’re experiencing your first trimester of pregnancy, it can feel nearly impossible to determine how your body will change throughout the entirety of your pregnancy, which makes it more difficult to try and figure out which size in maternity clothes you are.

A good rule of thumb is to always pick something that is just as comfortable as when you’re not pregnant. Although sizing can of course change as your belly grows, the proportions of your body will grow differently at various points in time.


If you don’t know where to first start, begin by choosing a few tried and true wardrobe staples that you know for sure you will need for maternity wear, such as nursing bras, shirts and elastic waistband bottoms. A pair or two of quality maternity jeans and one well-made pair of leggings will go a long way in your closet lineup.

If you don’t already own a few longer tees and tanks that could stretch over your belly, you should buy about five new maternity t-shirts or tanks that can also pair with clothing items you already have. Experts also recommend that you also buy two or three multipurpose maternity dresses that can be dressed up or down. Dresses that can work as casual events or one that can even be suitable for a baby shower or maternity photoshoot is also a good investment overall.


Items made from cotton are both loose and breathable, meaning they are the ideal clothing choice. Cotton will help absorb excess sweat, keep you cooled down during hot flashes, and it’s skin-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about skin irritation.

Pants or skirts that can be opened and closed with a drawstring without the use of a belt or zipper can be adjusted to your waist at your convenience and will be elastic enough that items won’t be too tight, providing ample support to your growing belly.

A variety of maternity tops and bottoms are available from many retailers and will provide expert support pieces that help support your back and the baby bump. Wraparounds are a good example, and although they aren’t very trendy lately, they are extremely comfortable and are better to invest in than tank tops or tunics.


When you’re out on the hunt for maternity clothes, sticking to essential items like a pair of jeans, leggings and basic blouses can go a long way in adding to your professional or casual postpartum wardrobe. You should be able to find maternity loungewear that matches your style and be on the lookout for shoes that are not only comfortable but are also stable enough for you to walk in.

Always make sure you consider what clothing items you already have at home so your newer purchases can complement them well without worry. Pieces that can be mixed and matched with what you already have will help expand your wardrobe while keeping you comfortable during transitions.

What to look for in quality maternity loungewear


Unnatural fabrics that are synthetic, like polyurethane, elastin, chiffon and georgette will be more likely to irritate your already sensitive skin, so it’s best to avoid clothing pieces that feature similar materials. Your hormones will also cause you to sweat more, so wearing fabrics that promote airflow and are moisture-wicking are best. Skirts and dresses will make your life much easier during your different pregnancy terms as a result.


When browsing for new maternity wardrobe pieces, be sure to keep in mind the size you happen to be now will not be the size your body will grow to be in the next few months. As a result, make sure you invest in items that will stretch well along with your changing body.


The number one reason behind designing maternity clothes should be comfortable, especially later into the subsequent of a mother’s pregnancy. Your body can easily become more uncomfortable as you get closer to your delivery date, so it’s best to avoid tight-fitting and uncomfortable clothing that can cause pain and discomfort, as well as reduce your circulation and lead to uncomfortable yeast infections.

How much to expect to spend on maternity loungewear

Maternity loungewear, depending on the unique pieces you want or need or if you choose from individual sets, will cost anywhere in the $20-$125 range. Some friends and family can give you hand-me-downs, as well as a much more affordable bargain or you can browse the hangers of thrift stores.

Maternity Loungewear FAQ

Can you rent maternity loungewear?

A. Subscription services like Rent the Runway and Le Tote have a wide selection of maternity and postpartum-friendly clothes that moms can have easy access to over 450 designers and brands that specialize in maternity wear. Both standard subscription service fees vary from $89-$159 a month and allow you to swap out items.

What is the best kind of night loungewear?

A. Since your sleeping posture changes throughout your pregnancy, especially during the last trimester, you will find wearing loose, soft and comfortable clothing will help you get your sound to sleep faster.

Do you need different clothing for nursing?

A. Based on the length of time you choose to breastfeed, the majority of your clothes will begin to become less practical to nurse in overtime. Functional and stylish designs that offer two levels of coverage with snap downs or straps should become part of your everyday wardrobe since these items allow you to discreetly feed or pump wherever you are.

What is the best maternity loungewear to buy?

Top maternity loungewear

Kindred Bravely Bella Ribbed Maternity Loungewear Set

Kindred Bravely Bella Ribbed Maternity Loungewear Set

What you need to know: This lightweight and cozy set is available in maroon and navy blue and is ultra-soft and smooth on baby and mom’s skin.

What you’ll love: These maternity pajamas are so comfortable, they’ll quickly become your go-to loungewear for pregnancy and beyond. Fitted maternity pajama bottoms feature an ultra-high, ultra-stretchy waist panel that reaches up to the underbust for full coverage for your bump.

What you should consider: The 95% viscose fabric may shrink when washed in hot water. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top maternity loungewear for the money

Ekouaer Maternity Nursing Set

Ekouaer Maternity Nursing Set

What you need to know: Available in over 30 different colors and designs that all feature a convenient double-layered shirt for easy breastfeeding access.

What you’ll love: Made from soft and plush material that is breathable, lightweight and cozy it also features an adjustable elastic waistband and discreet open layer design that is easy to hook and unhook during feeding time.

What you should consider: The fabric is very stretchy and can become deformed with repeated use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Kindred Bravely Universal Labor and Delivery Gown

Kindred Bravely Universal Labor and Delivery Gown

What you need to know: This dress can be worn as either a labor gown at the hospital or as a nursing frock later at home.

What you’ll love: Offering full coverage, this dress doesn’t feature annoying strings for tying but instead has a convenient Velcro opening closure in the gown’s front. Its soft fabric will give you extra comfort thanks to feeling just as cozy as your favorite pajama shirt.

What you should consider: It may be a bit stiff thanks to the polyester and cotton fabric blend.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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