Which “Frozen“ pajamas are best?

Disney’s “Frozen” and its sequel “Frozen 2” graced our screens over the last decade, delighting children and adults around the world. Elsa and Anna are two of the most beloved Disney characters of all time and there is a plethora of merchandise branded with their likenesses. Of all the “Frozen” pajama sets out there, the Disney Frozen 2 Girls Anna Is Royalty Epilogue Fantasy Nightgown is as soft as it is beautiful. This nightgown makes your child feel like Princess Anna herself with its sparkly skirt and royal cape.

What to know before you buy “Frozen“ pajamas

“Frozen” has been ragingly popular for years and Disney has no shortage of ”Frozen” toys and clothing emblazoned with the royal sisters. The pajamas range from casual to costume and are modeled after both the original and sequel. 

What is “Frozen”?

“Frozen” is a tale of two royal sisters, Anna and Elsa, the latter of whom has magical ice powers. Anna is outgoing while Elsa is introverted and they end up on a journey where they meet a snowman named Olaf, a man named Kristoff and a reindeer named Sven. Many of these characters reappear in the second movie, making them common motifs of merchandise.

Styles of pajamas

Whether your child prefers to sleep in a princess gown or a simple shirt and pants, “Frozen” has you covered. There are sets of long-sleeved shirts and pants patterned with symbols from the movie, or there are princess nightgowns styled after Anna and Elsa’s own outfits.

“Frozen” vs. “Frozen 2”

Even though the original “Frozen” came out six years before the sequel, pajamas styled after both movies are still widely available. The pajamas are labeled to what movie they refer to, and young fans will be elated to receive something from either film.

In “Frozen 2”, the characters Anna and Elsa have minor changes in design. The younger sister, Anna, has aged and wears her hair down and around her shoulders, while Elsa keeps her original hairstyle. Anna wears a purple, gold and black outfit instead of her blue ensemble from the original movie. Elsa no longer wears a sheer, sleek gown but is dressed in a modest coat dress with pants. The key difference is that both characters wear long tunics with pants in the second movie instead of their signature dresses.

What to look for in quality “Frozen” pajamas

Official Disney licensing

The only way to ensure you find a pajama set truly sewn in the likeness of the movie is to buy officially licensed Disney merchandise. Due to the movies’ popularity, there are many knock-off and imitation items out there without the Disney name. To get the best product, search for the Disney logo on your pajama set tag or item description. 

This advice is also applicable to other “Frozen” merchandise, such as Disney princess dolls, plushies, wearables and playsets.

Soft fabric

No matter what style the pajamas come in, purchase a soft blend of materials that won’t disturb your sleep. 

  • Linen is very lightweight and breathable and keeps you cool in the summer.
  • Cotton is durable, soft and breathable, and excellent for warmer weather. Be wary that this material shrinks in the dryer.
  • Polyester blends are hypoallergenic, breathable and less likely to fade or shrink than cotton. They last many wash cycles and keep you warmer than cotton.
  • Silk is a finer material than cotton or linen and works for both warm and cool climates. It is hypoallergenic, making it a necessity for some people. 
  • Satin is a more affordable version of silk.
  • Fleece is durable, cozy, lightweight and best for colder seasons.
  • Flannel is warmer and heavier than fleece.

Most pajamas come in a cozy cotton or fleece blend, affordable and well suited for certain seasons. 

Keep in mind that nightgowns, as pretty as they are, risk being scratchy, especially if outfitted with a tulle (sheer rough fabric) skirt. Make sure any nightgown has a liner, protecting your child from any scratchy materials while they sleep.

Accurate sizing

Sizing is very important when purchasing anything for a young and growing child. Most “Frozen” clothing has a sizing guide available and a large range of sizes to choose from.

How much you can expect to spend on “Frozen” pajamas

“Frozen” pajamas cost between $15-$60.

“Frozen” pajamas FAQ

How do you know if your “Frozen” product is from Disney?

A. Officially licensed Frozen products have a Disney copyright symbol on the tag. Retailers post if a product is legitimate in the description.

Are there “Frozen” pajamas for adults?

A. There are no princess nightgowns to choose from, but there are “Frozen” sleepwear sets for adults.

What are the best Frozen pajamas to buy?

Top “Frozen” pajamas

Disney Frozen 2 Girls Anna Is Royalty Epilogue Fantasy Nightgown

Disney Frozen 2 Girls Anna Is Royalty Epilogue Fantasy Nightgown

What you need to know: This official Disney product fits sizes 4-8 and is a teal and black nightgown styled after Anna’s outfit in “Frozen 2”.

What you’ll love: The nightgown makes its wearer feel like a princess with its ankle-length sparkly mesh skirt and a large image of Anna on the chest. The dress liner is polyester and poly satin for comfort and is machine washable.

What you should consider: The skirt frays with time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Kohl’s

Top “Frozen” pajamas for the money

Disney Frozen 2 Girls Explore And Believe Pajama Set

Disney Frozen 2 Girls Explore And Believe Pajama Set

What you need to know: This is an official Disney set containing two pairs of cotton pajamas with Elsa’s image on the front, running in sizes 2-10. 

What you’ll love: These blue and purple pajamas are 100% cotton and machine washable, making them comfortable and practical. The set includes two pull-on long-sleeved shirts and two pairs of pants that are licensed by Disney.

What you should consider: The cotton shrinks on high heat dryer settings.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Kohl’s

Worth checking out

Disney Boys’ Pajamas “Frozen”

Disney Boys’ Pajamas “Frozen”

What you need to know: This is a Disney licensed pair of polyester pajamas with an image of Olaf, Kristoff and Sven on the top that runs in sizes 2-8.

What you’ll love: This pajama set consists of a brightly-colored top and bottom that are made of 100% polyester for comfort . There is a large image of Disney’s Olaf, Kristoff and Sven on the shirt and the pants have a silhouette pattern of all the main characters.

What you should consider: These pajamas are treated with fire-resistant chemicals that irritate a toddler’s skin.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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