Which large Christmas ornament is best?

Although many prefer the look of smaller ornaments on their trees, there’s something to be said for some strategically placed large ornaments. Christmas ornaments have long been a staple for decorating the tree and this year, large Christmas ornaments are a great choice for both indoor and outdoor Christmas tree decorating. 

If you’re looking for a traditional-looking, durable, large Christmas ornament, The Holiday Aisle Net Onion Ball Ornament is the top choice.  

What to know before you buy a large Christmas ornament 


What an ornament is made out of is an important consideration. Those who have young children or pets should consider the breakability of a large Christmas ornament. Fortunately, not all large Christmas ornaments are made from glass or breakable material. 


The size, shape and weight of large Christmas ornaments can vary widely. A large Christmas ornament’s weight can affect where it can be hung and how easily. Large Christmas ornaments, depending on how heavy they may be, generally need a sturdy branch to hang from. 


Some people choose to decorate their Christmas tree according to a theme. From color themes to non-traditional themes such as Star Wars or Peanuts, it’s important to determine if you’ll be decorating your tree according to a theme. 

What to look for in a quality large Christmas ornament 

Ornament hanger

A large Christmas ornament should come with the proper materials to be able to successfully hang it. Some come with a string connected end to end, others come with a twist-tie type mechanism and others include the traditional drill cap with threaded wire. 


A large Christmas ornament’s primary material should be sturdy. Quality materials include plastic, wood, glass and metal. 


Many ornament retailers make their ornaments accident- and shatterproof. Plastic ornaments are inherently shatterproof, but glass and acrylic large Christmas ornaments can be manufactured in a way that helps prevent breakage. 


Due to the breakable nature of large Christmas ornaments, many retailers offer a warranty for their products. 

Outdoor use 

Large Christmas ornaments are sometimes used on outdoor trees. In this case, look for large ornaments that are made from materials other than glass and that don’t use paint or glitter on their exterior. 


Some large Christmas ornaments come lighted. Lighted Christmas ornaments add extra finesse to a decked-out Christmas tree. 

How much you can expect to spend on a large Christmas ornament

Large Christmas ornaments are a little more expensive than regular Christmas ornaments because they’re made from more material. Expect to spend $10-$30 on a quality large Christmas ornament. 

Tips for purchasing a large Christmas ornament

  • Size: Have an idea of how large an ornament your tree can accommodate before purchasing a large Christmas ornament. 
  • Hooks: Check the retailer’s product description to ensure your large Christmas ornament comes with a fastening device. 
  • Packaging: Before ordering a large Christmas ornament online, inquire about what kind of packaging is used for shipping to avoid breakage. 
  • Use: Determine if the large Christmas ornament you’re purchasing is for indoor or outdoor use. If you’re looking to use the ornament on an outdoor tree, avoid buying a glass ornament or anything that has paint or glitter on the exterior of the ornament. Most large Christmas ornaments are suitable for indoor use. 
  • Children and pets: If you have children or pets, be aware of the material a large Christmas ornament is made of. Glass ornaments can break more easily. Some retailers offer warranties for their ornaments or a protection plan of some sort.
  • Timing: Ornaments are primarily used as decoration for the holiday season. Allow ample time for your large Christmas ornament to be delivered to your home in time to be displayed.   
  • Theme: Some Christmas trees are decorated by theme. Determining whether you want to decorate according to a theme is important to keep in mind before purchasing a large Christmas ornament, as it will most likely be eye catching due to its size 
  • Tree placement: Generally, it’s recommended to start with the heaviest ornaments you may have toward the inside of your tree. Large, heavy ornaments shouldn’t be placed on the very bottom of the tree, as it may hang below the tree and become an obstacle for placing presents under the tree.  

Large Christmas ornament FAQ 

What size is a large Christmas ornament? 

A. The term “large” is subjective. However, a large Christmas ornament is typically anywhere from 5-12 inches tall. 

Do large Christmas ornaments come with hooks?

A. Check a retailer’s product description to check if a large Christmas ornament comes with hooks. Some large Christmas ornaments that have string attached to the ornament come with additional hooks.  

What’s the best large Christmas ornament to buy? 

Top large Christmas ornament 

The Holiday Aisle Net Onion Ball Ornament

The Holiday Aisle Net Onion Ball Ornament

What you need to know: This onion-shaped ornament is available in 10 colors and comes with a drilled cap and threaded wire for decorating with ease. 

What you’ll love: The festive design of the plastic ornament features a swooping glitter criss-cross net. Quality is ensured because a warranty is offered.

What you should consider: This ornament weighs 1 pound.  

Where to buy: Sold at Wayfair

Top large Christmas ornament for the money 

The Holiday Aisle Fabric Gingerbread Holiday Shaped Ornament

The Holiday Aisle Fabric Gingerbread Holiday Shaped Ornament 

What you need to know: Made from polyester, this gingerbread man is wearing a chef’s hat adorned with a candy cane and is an adorable addition to any Christmas tree. 

What you’ll love: The ornament is handmade, made from fabric and features a wired ornament hanger.

What you should consider: This ornament doesn’t come with a warranty.  

Where to buy: Sold at Wayfair

Worth checking out

Vickerman 6-Inch Champagne Sequin Ball Ornament

Vickerman 6-Inch Champagne Sequin Ball Ornament 

What you need to know: Made from plastic, this spherical, champagne-colored large Christmas ornament uses a secured cap to hang from the tree. 

What you’ll love: This ornament is great for adding shine to your Christmas tree, and it’s shatterproof.

What you should consider: This ornament isn’t suitable for outdoor use. 

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon


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