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Which Petsmart dog toy is best?

As a well-respected pet store, Petsmart is known for providing high-quality pet goods that are sure to keep you and your pup happy. When it comes to keeping your pup happy and well-behaved, every dog owner knows that having a wide variety of toys is essential. Since dogs have an instinct to chew, a dog toy needs to be durable enough to withstand playtime while entertaining enough to keep them engaged. If you are looking for a dog toy is both durable and entertaining, check out the Playology Dri-Tech Scented Rope Dog Toy.

What to know before you buy a Petsmart dog toy

Dog’s age and temperament

While shopping for your new Petsmart dog toys, be sure to consider the age and temperament of your dog. Dog toys are durable, but there is some variety in the overall construction and type of play that each toy is suited for. For elderly dogs or dogs who prefer low-energy play, a toy that features a softer construction may be the ideal choice. For high-energy or young dogs, a toy designed to withstand vigorous chewing, fetching or tugging will likely be the ideal pick. 

Type of toy

When it comes to dog toys, most options will fall into three different categories: chew, plush or interactive. While some dog toys may be versatile enough to meet the standards of multiple categories, the overall construction is what determines the toy type. 

Chew: Designed to withstand even the most rigorous play, chew toys are the optimal choice when it comes to durability. Most chew toys feature an easy chew shape and design materials, ensuring the optimal playtime experience for your pup.

Interactive: Designed to be used by both you and your dog, interactive toys are the optimal choice when it comes to bonding and engaging with your pup. Most interactive toys use durable materials that can handle fetch or tug games. 

Plush: Constructed using soft materials, plush toys are great options for keeping your dog entertained and happy while you are away. Many plush toy options will feature a built-in squeaker for added entertainment. 


Nearly all dog toys are designed with safety in mind, but some cheaper toy options on the market can prove to be a hazard for your dog. To ensure optimal safety, be sure to choose a toy constructed using chew-friendly materials that are durable and toxin-free. Before giving your dog any new toy, always be sure to inspect it for any damage and remove any tags. 

What to look for in a quality Petsmart dog toy


Opt for a dog toy that features an indestructible construction for the most bang for your buck. Most indestructible options will feature a high-quality rope or rubber construction, allowing for vigorous chewing without falling apart. While these highly durable options do tend to be a bit more expensive, they are built to last, making them well worth the investment. 


While all dog toys are designed to keep your dog engaged in play, some toys feature added elements such as built-in squeakers or scents. These elements help boost your dog’s natural hunting instincts and keep them engaged in playtime. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Petsmart dog toy

Expect to spend $5-$25 on a Petsmart dog toy. Typically, dog toys with a more durable construction tend to be the most expensive. 

Petsmart dog toy FAQ

How many toys should your dog have?

A.  Since younger dogs have more energy and have an insatiable need to chew, it is recommended that you have anywhere from 10 to 15 different toys that you swap out regularly. You may not need as many toys for older dogs, but it’s always good to have a few durable toys lying around. No matter their age, all dogs love variety when it comes to playtime, so be sure to invest in different types of toys. 

Should you put your dog’s toys away at night?

A. While every dog is different and every owner has a different training style, most dogs will react fine to having access to their toys at night. Since nighttime is the most unsupervised period of the day, offering your dog a healthy outlet for any pent-up energy is a great way to prevent any accidents or nighttime disruptions.   

What’s the best Petsmart dog toy to buy?

Top Petsmart dog toy

Playology Dri-Tech Scented Rope Dog Toy

Playology Dri-Tech Scented Rope Dog Toy

What you need to know: This scented dog toy will keep nearly any dog entertained for hours.

What you’ll love: Made out of a durable chew-friendly rope, this toy can withstand even the most high-energy dog. The subtle turkey scent ensures that your dog will be entertained for long periods. With a knotted center and two end ties, this toy is perfect for interactive play or as an entertaining chew toy. 

What you should consider: Some consumers felt the scent was overpowering.

Where to buy: Sold by Petsmart

Top Petsmart dog toy for the money

Top Paw Split Loop Rope Dog Toy

Top Paw Split Loop Rope Dog Toy

What you need to know: This durable rope toy is perfect for dogs who love to chew or fetch.

What you’ll love: Constructed using a sturdy rope that can withstand vigorous chewing, this toy is designed for durability. The split loop design makes this toy ideal for tugging, fetching or chewing. This toy is available in two different color options.

What you should consider: This toy may not be ideal for dogs with sensitive teeth or gums. 

Where to buy: Sold by Petsmart

Worth checking out

Outward Hound Squeaker Matz Gator

Outward Hound Squeaker Matz Gator

What you need to know: This durable dog toy has a soft outer layer, making it perfect for young pups or elderly dogs. 

What you’ll love: The durable nylon and polyester construction ensures that this toy is strong enough to withstand playtime without being too hard on your dog’s teeth and gums. The long body allows for plenty of variety when it comes to playtime, making it perfect for interactive or solo play. The built-in squeaker ensures optimal entertainment for your pup. This toy is available in two different sizes. 

What you should consider: This toy may not be the ideal option for vigorous chewers. 

Where to buy: Sold by Petsmart


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