Which Petsmart cat litter is best?

Cleaning out your litter box may be the least fun part of owning a cat, but that doesn’t mean it has to be horrible. Many products come into play when it comes to streamlining the litter box cleaning process, with the most important being the litter. It affects you when you’re doing clean-up and going about your day in your home. The right cat litter can be the difference between your litter box being in the background of your life to being on an offensive forefront. For a litter with superior odor control, check out Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Cat Litter – Unscented, Clumping, Multi-Cat Strength.

What to know before you buy a Petsmart cat litter

Whether this is your first time owning a litter box or you are a seasoned veteran looking to improve your current setup, Petsmart has a cat litter that fits the needs of you, your home and most importantly, your cat. Make sure you identify those needs to help you find the best litter for you.


Cat litter dust is one of the biggest concerns on a cat owner’s mind. Not only can it be unpleasant and messy, but it can also have negative health benefits for both you and your cat. Silica dust is usually one of the biggest concerns, as inhaling large amounts can be detrimental to lung health. You can avoid this ingredient altogether and look for cat litter formulas that offer low dust residue. 


Clumping cat litter can make cleaning the litter box much easier. Clumping litters work by sticking granules together when they become wet. When this happens, you can more easily sift through clean and dirty litter with a litter scoop, which gives the litter more longevity. 


Litter comes in all kinds of textures directly dependent on litter’s materials. By far, the most popular material for cat litter is clay, but corn, paper and wheat litter are also commonly found. Some cats dislike the rough feel of clay litters and simply will not use a litter box containing it, while others don’t mind. If your cat is doing its business outside of the litter box, consider changing the litter type to one they find less offensive.

What to look for in a quality Petsmart cat litter

Odor blocking

Almost everyone has been to a house with a stinky litter box. It doesn’t have to be this way. While all litter boxes need to be cleaned frequently for health reasons, you can extend the time between cleanings without causing a stink if your litter has good odor blocks. Look for litters that feature scents or formulas specifically made for multi-cat households, even if you only have one cat in your home.


Cat litter can be devastatingly heavy. It can be difficult to manage cat litter boxes that often weigh more than 20 pounds. Fortunately, cat litters are made to be lightweight, sometimes as much as 50% lighter than the original formula. Of course, this is also dependent on cat litter type, as clay litters tend to be heavier per volume compared to paper, corn or wheat litters. But if you struggle to manage heavy clay litters, you have options!


Yes, some cat litter is scented! Whether you prefer this or not is totally up to your personal preference for scents around the home. While scents can help mask odors, finding litters that fight odors without adding additional scents is also possible.

How much you can expect to spend on Petsmart cat litter

Depending on the size, brand and formula, you can expect to spend anywhere between $10-$30 on most cat litters.

Petsmart cat litter FAQ

Q. How often should I be cleaning my litter box?

A. This depends on a few factors. If you have one cat, you should be cleaning your litter box no less than once every other day. For more cats, your litter box should be cleaned daily, possibly even multiple times a day. Even if it doesn’t stink, a dirty litter box can make your cat uncomfortable and have negative health consequences for you and your feline friend. 

Q. Are there any environmentally conscious cat litters?

A. Yes. Cat litters made from biodegradable materials like wheat, paper or corn can help you feel better about reducing your cat’s impact on the Earth. 

Q. How can I make cleaning my litterbox easier?

A. A clumping cat litter will make regularly scooping your cat litter easy. However, even with regular scoopings, you will still need to change out the entirety of the litter regularly. Litter box liners offer an easy way to collect your litter without you having to dump the contents into a garbage can awkwardly. 

What’s the best Petsmart cat litter to buy?

Top Petsmart cat litter

Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Cat Litter - Unscented, Clumping, Multi-Cat Strength

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Cat Litter – Unscented, Clumping, Multi-Cat Strength

What you need to know: Dr. Elsey’s superior performance in odor and dust control has given the brand high customer loyalty.

What you’ll love: This Dr. Elsey’s formula combines two types of clay granules; heavy, non-tracking granules and medium-grain clay. This creates a litter with great moisture retention, creating easy to manage clumps while also preventing moisture from collecting at the base of the tray.

What you should consider: Some users report that the packaging makes it difficult to dispense the litter easily.

Where to buy: Sold by Petsmart

Top Petsmart cat litter for the money

Fresh Step Clean Paws with Febreze Cat Litter - Multi-Cat, Clumping, Scented

Fresh Step Clean Paws with Febreze Cat Litter – Multi-Cat, Clumping, Scented

What you need to know: This litter boasts superior odor and tracking control at a very reasonable price point!

What you’ll love: This multi-cat litter comes with a Febreze scent built into every granule, leaving the area of the litter box with a fresh, subtle scent. Users reported noticing less tracking with this litter than other comparable litters.

What you should consider: Some users found that the Febreze scent triggered their allergies. 

Where to buy: Sold by Petsmart

Worth considering

Scoop Away Complete Performance Cat Litter - Clumping, Low Dust

Scoop Away Complete Performance Cat Litter – Clumping, Low Dust

What you need to know: This tried-and-true litter comes in a multipack of easy-to-use singular litter bags that dispense the perfect amount of litter.

What you’ll love: This formula boasts a superior 10-day odor control, turning an out of sight litter box into a well-kept secret, even in multi-cat households.

What you should consider: This package comes in at 42 pounds, making it difficult for some users to manage.

Where to buy: Sold by Petsmart


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