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Which drill brush is best?

Cleaning stubborn dirt and grime can be hard work. Even with the proper solvents, removing difficult stains still requires time and potentially hours of repetitive motion. For situations where scrubbing seems endless and you anticipate sore, tired arms, consider making your life easier by investing in a drill brush.

The JUSONEY Drill Brush Scrub Pads 37 Piece Power Scrubber Cleaning Kit provides you with a wide range of drill brush shapes, sizes and accessories. From cleaning your sidewalk to waxing your car, this drill brush set has everything you need to cut chore time in half.

What to know before you buy a drill brush

What is a drill brush?

A drill brush is a brush that you can attach to a power drill in the same way you would a traditional drill bit. After securing the brush into the drill, you can use the tool’s torque to quickly scrub away stains, messes and spills almost effortlessly.

What are drill brushes used for?

You can use a drill brush to do the hard work any time you are faced with a task that will require scrubbing. Because there are so many different types of drill brushes available, you can find soft models that are suited for delicate interior work, as well as rigid brushes that can be used to scrub cement or even remove paint and rust.

Power drill considerations

A drill brush is only as powerful and effective as the drill that you plug it into. Drills with variable speeds are recommended. Depending on what you intend to clean with your brush, you may not need the most powerful drill available. However, cheap, low-torque models will likely not perform adequately for tough scrubbing jobs. You will also likely prefer a drill that is small and easy to maneuver around tight corners if you intend to use your drill brush for automotive purposes like wheel or undercarriage cleaning. Corded tools are never to be used with drill brushes, as getting them wet can result in electric shock.

What you intend to clean

Think carefully about what you intend to clean with your drill brush in order to select a model that will make your task as easy as possible. From carpet cleaning to bathroom scrubbing, some brushes are designed for specific tasks, while others are all-purpose. The more you plan ahead in order to make a calculated purchase, the more likely you are to have success with your job.

What to look for in a quality drill brush

Brush stiffness

Consider the tasks that you will be doing with your drill brush and select a model that is the appropriate stiffness for the job. A brush that is too soft and fine will quickly disintegrate if used to scrub hard, rough surfaces, whereas a rigid, hard brush meant for cleaning tools may actually damage surfaces made of ceramic or fiberglass. 

Brush size

Select a drill brush size that is large enough to cover a wide area, but not so big as to become cumbersome to use. Small brushes are ideal for cleaning tight, hard-to-reach areas, whereas wide brushes are better suited for cleaning large, flat surfaces.

Brush material

Most drill brushes are made out of plastic bristles of varying thicknesses and rigidity. However, metal brushes are available for jobs that require the removal of paint or rust. These brushes are especially handy for welders and painters, as they are able to expose the surface of the material you are working with so you can treat it effectively. 


Buffer attachments, usually made out of foam sponge, complement drill brushes nicely. Often used for automotive work, buffer pads make waxing your car a breeze. They can also be used to put the finishing touch on a freshly cleaned floor, sink, stovetop or counter. 


Many drill brushes include an extender that lengthens the stem of the brush to make reaching high or low areas easier. Using a drill brush without an extender can also cause you to put too much pressure on what you are cleaning. For especially rough surfaces, however, you may want to skip the extender, as extra pressure may be required to get the brush’s bristles into the nooks and crannies of materials like brick and cement.

Drill brush kits

Drill brushes are often available in kits that include brushes and pads of various shapes, sizes and stiffnesses. These packages are a great way to purchase a wide range of cleaning tools at a low cost, especially if you plan to use your drill brush for different surfaces around the house. Drill brushes can be just as effective at cleaning your shower as they are at removing spilled paint from a paved sidewalk, provided that you use the proper brush type.

How much you can expect to spend on a drill brush

Drill brushes are as affordable as they are useful. Expect to spend $20-$35 on a drill brush kit that includes a variety of brush types and attachments.

Drill brush FAQ

Can I use a drill brush to clean my grill?

A. Yes. A drill brush is the perfect tool for removing hard, baked-on grease and creosote from your grill. Be sure not to use an overly aggressive pad, as you may remove some of your grill’s protective coating.

How do I clean my drill brush?

A. Drill brushes are designed to withstand abuse, and can therefore be cleaned in a variety of ways depending on what they were used for. You can soak your brush in soap and water and wash it by hand or simply run it through the dishwasher. Be sure to dry the brush thoroughly when finished, as metal components inside it may be prone to rust if left damp. 

Can I use my drill brush with an impact driver?

A. Yes. In fact, because of the high RPMs that impact drivers are capable of, many users prefer them. Be sure to only use wireless, battery-powered tools with your drill brush to prevent the risk of electric shock.

What’s the best drill brush to buy?

Top drill brush

JUSONEY Drill Brush Scrub Pads 37 Piece Power Scrubber Cleaning Kit

JUSONEY Drill Brush Scrub Pads 37 Piece Power Scrubber Cleaning Kit

What you need to know: Ideal for automotive care and household cleaning, this kit comes loaded with everything you need to clean your property from top to bottom. 

What you’ll love: With 37 pieces, this kit will keep you from having to waste time scrubbing by hand for years to come. Includes a 6-inch extender.

What you should consider: Some users report that the foam pads in this kit are not high quality.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top drill brush for the money

Drill Brush Attachment Set

Drill Brush Attachment Set

What you need to know: This affordable, basic drill brush set is great for quick cleaning jobs.

What you’ll love: This kit’s three brush types allow you to scrub most household surfaces with ease. The included 6-inch extender makes reaching high shower stalls and bathroom floors easy on your back.

What you should consider: Some buyers feel that the money they saved on this kit would have been better spent on a higher-quality, more professional brush set.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

HOYIN 6Piece Drill Wire Wheel Cup Brush Set

HOYIN 6Piece Drill Wire Wheel Cup Brush Set

What you need to know: These metal brushes allow you to remove rust, paint and stain from wood and metal surfaces.

What you’ll love: Tough and abrasive, these metal drill brushes make short work of the most stubborn messes. Strip paint, remove baked-on food from grills and ovens and scrub rust off of metal surfaces and more.

What you should consider: Metal brushes will damage some surfaces and need to be used with care.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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