Youngstown’s own “Left End” drummer writes book on band’s music and antics


Palombo's book not only chronicles the music but also the on-stage antics

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – To some, Left End is the “undisputed heavy-weight champions of Youngstown rock-n-roll.” Now, the drummer for the band, Patsy Palombo, has written a book about the band.

Palombo’s book not only chronicles the music but also the on-stage antics.

“There are a lot of tales about the band and our notorious singer Dennis T. Menass,” Palombo said.

The late Dennis T. Menass was Left End’s lead singer and lead crazy man. The audience never knew where he would pop out with his face made up like Alice Cooper.

“I mean, there’s no damage to be done. It’s just a joke. Don’t take it seriously, folks. I’m an entertainer,” Meneass is heard saying in video of the band.

Palombo says fans have constantly asked him to write a book and that’s what he did: “Tenacity: The Left End Story.”

“You never knew what the band was going to do or what surprise it was going to be or what explosion might take place on stage or whatever,” Palombo said.

One of the band’s venues was Idora Park. They dressed wild and Palombo says the “glam thing” was Menass’s idea.

“Dennis wanted to jump into that, so he asked us for a commitment that we’d be willing to don the makeup and the glitter and the flashy clothes,” Palombo said.

And what was Palombo’s favorite Dennis T. Menass story?

“Dennis actually walked the ledge of a five-story building over the top of one of our larger cities. It actually was Wheeling, West Virginia during one of our concerts,” he said.

Patsy Palombo’s book is not available in book stores, at least not yet. The only place to get it is through his website “Tenacity: The Left End Story” costs $19.99.

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