Youngstown officer finds friendship in four-legged partner

Patrolman Joe Wess has been with his furry partner, Haus, since January

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but for some police officers, they’re also valuable colleagues.

The Youngstown Police Department has four canine officers.

Patrolman Joe Wess has been with his furry partner, Haus, since January.

“I thought it’d be pretty fun. I’ve been around dogs my whole life, but I wanted to see the police dog side of it and how to train dogs and working dogs, instead of just pets,” Wess said.

Haus was born in France and started his police training at just 8 weeks old. He then made his way to Shallow Creek Kennels in Sharpsville for even more training.

He’s skilled at sniffing out narcotics and apprehending suspects.

“The biggest thing we’ve done together so far is we had about 10 pounds of marijuana in a car on a traffic stop that he located in the trunk,” Wess said.

For Wess, Haus is more than just his partner.

“We’re always together. I’m with him more than my own family,” he said.

He’s his best friend.

“He’s always jumping up on me and just 10,000 miles a minute. He’s always just going, going, going,” he said.

That’s just Haus’s personality. He knows when it’s time for work and when it’s time for play.

But, like any dog, he likes playtime the most.

“He’s very good around people, loves people. He’s actually like a social butterfly,” Wess said.

Whether they’re patrolling or playing fetch, as long as they’re together, everything is good.

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