Warren communtiy helps keep the less fortunate warm

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WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) — Residents in Warren came together to make sure the homeless community can stay warm as temperatures drop.

Members of the Warren Junior’s Women’s League have packed 125 bags of scarfs, gloves and hats and placed them around town.

When one resident, George, found out scarfs, hats, and gloves were hanging on the fence outside the mayor’s office in Warren, he made is way to city hall.

“I was like, ‘oh praise God.’ With this cold weather we’re having, it’ll help a lot, standing out waiting for the bus and stuff,” said George.

He was laid off and doesn’t have much income during this cold and snowy winter.

“It’s been rough. My wife’s been working, trying to help out and stuff. You know, working a little hours here and there,” said George.

He’s thankful the community is thinking about the less fortunate.

Earlier during the day, the mayor and members of the Warren Junior Women’s League laid out more than 100 bags of winter clothing from donations to help keep those in need warm.

The organizer of this idea said this project is perfect for the cold weather.

“We wanted to give them out for the homeless and anybody that needed them because the weather is so cold and everything. And our theme this year is to pay it forward. And what a better way than to pay it forward, and they can just come and take it and stay warm,” said Jonnah Hetzel of the Warren Junior Women’s League.

Paying it forward is exactly what the league is doing.

“They’ve always been such a great asset to our community, in terms of the spirit of giving. This is just one more examples of what they mean to our community,” said Hetzel.

Hetzel also said that this project has the potential to grow outside of Warren.

“We absolutely would like to do for different; Niles, and maybe anywhere else that might be needed. The mayor has been wonderful with us and telling us where we can put them out and if we can get other people who are willing to donate, we would be more than glad to go out, bag them, and put them where people need them,” said Hetzel.

George said he appreciates the community’s donations.

“It feels good that the community does this to help people in the time of need and stuff,” finished George.

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