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Trumbull County residents deal with more flooding after Friday storms


All morning, Donnan and her husband have been working to clean out their basement

TRUMBULL COUNTY, Ohio (WYTV) – Residents in Trumbull County faced more excessive flooding issues after storms in the county on Friday.

“As soon as we got to the end of the driveway, all it was, was nothing but just this big lake. Water was clear over around everything,” said resident Christina Donnan.

Donnan said she has never seen it this bad before.

“The whole time that we lived here, we’ve got a little bit of water, maybe just a tiny bit in the basement, but other than that never any real problems until yesterday,” she said.

All morning, Donnan and her husband have been working to clean out their basement. When asked how much water got into the basement, Donnan said an unexpected amount.

“I would have to say about four feet of water or more. Between four or five feet of water in the basement.”

A similar situation occurred down the street at Donna Stoyanov’s home.

“We had a river that appeared between the two houses here and next door,” she said.

The “river” that she is referring to is the continuous flooding that traveled to her garage. Stoyanov said this is the third time this happened in two weeks and now it’s time to take action.

“I reached out to the trustees last night and hopefully I will get some results,” Stoyanov said.

She said the water has looked unusual lately.

“I did notice that the water has a different color to it lately. It’s kind of like churned up. You can see the difference in the different colors of the water.”

Stoyanov said she is not sure why the color has changed, but since it’s happening, she would like to get it looked into.

“It is a lot worse than it was, but then again the problem is the water has nowhere to go. It collects from all the farm lands behind all the streets and end up here,” she said.

She said she has a solution.

“Add a drainage down the street. I think would be wonderful. I’ve been asking for that for a long time,” Stoyanov said.

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