Trumbull Co. leaders meet to toughen animal laws

Leaders meet to toughen animal laws_34752

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV)  – City, state and county officials met Friday morning to help strengthen animal laws across Trumbull County.

The Animal Welfare League and the Trumbull County Dog Warden are asking communities to adopt animal ordinances in their communities similar to an ordinance the city of Cleveland has on the books. According to the law, when a weather advisory is issued, pet owners would have to bring their dogs inside or risk being cited.

“We can only enforce what the law is allowing us to. We can’t force people to do something that is not in the books already,” Trumbull County Dog Warden Gwen Logan said.

There are also ordinances that pertain to the time that dogs are tethered outside. State representatives are currently reviewing House Bill 94, which addresses many of the concerns brought forth at Friday’s meeting.

“Tied to a house with no option, no water. In the cold weather, it freezes. In the hot weather, it evaporates. And we just want to see that the animals are taken care of and legislation like this passed by the cities would help us enforce that,” Logan said.

“Obviously in a city like Warren, it’s a big problem and to have more teeth in our enforcement toolbox, so to speak. I think it serves our citizens well and the dogs,” Warren Mayor Doug Franklin said.

McDonald Mayor Glenn Holmes said he would like to see everyone in the county adopt the same laws.

“I think the laws should be synonymous throughout the county. It is going to help them with enforcement and help people better understand. But for different municipalities with different laws, I think it is convoluted,” Holmes said.

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