Salem tattoo shop hopes to tattoo hundreds on Friday the 13th


State Street Tattoo has a goal of 666 tattoos in 12 hours -- and there was a line of waiting customers down the street

SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) – A business in Salem is celebrating Friday the 13th in a different kind of way, mixing tattoo art with tradition and the community following the spooky theme of the date.

People lined the corner of State Street, waiting hours to be part of an annual event.

“We’re here getting an impulsive Friday the 13th tattoo,” said Jessica Billings, of Youngstown.

Every year, State Street Tattoo in Salem hosts its Friday the 13th tattoo event. The shop offers $13 and $31 tattoos and piercings.

“It’s awesome,” Billings said. “It’s fun, just something cool to do.”

It’s an offer people like her are willing to wait hours in line for.

“Yeah, it’s like memories, sitting here, hanging out,” she said.

Owner Brandon Mohr said their goal Friday was to give 666 tattoos in 12 hours — all staying in the theme of Friday’s date.

“We wanted to do a crazy number. I’m like, ‘Oh, whatever, we’ll just do everything that lines up with either 7, 13 or 666.”

With 14 artists from all over the state there to help, Mohr thought it would be possible.

“We added it up with the 14 artists. It’s about 40 to 50 tattoos each person. Usually, we hit about 30 each person in 12 hours with only eight artists, so we should definitely be able to reach that goal,” he said.

For Mohr, Friday was about more than just tattoos. It was also about the Salem community.

“Our goal is to get people into town and go to these other businesses, whether it’s today or in the future,” he said.

For some of those people, they’ll be waiting in line long enough to see the full moon.

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