(NEXSTAR) — Did you win? Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot is a massive $850 million — the fourth largest in the game’s history. Winning numbers for the jackpot are: 47, 63, 1, 46, and 7.  The Powerball number is 7. PowerPlay Multiplier is 3X.

The jackpot is the second-largest prize this year and increased from $835 million Wednesday morning after strong ticket sales, Powerball says.

Despite its growth, the jackpot still comes in behind a $2.04 billion jackpot hit last November in California; a $1.586 billion jackpot split by three tickets (California, Florida, Tennessee) in 2016; and a $1.08 billion jackpot won by a California ticket in July.

Jackpot winners can receive the prize as an annuity (30 graduated payments over 29 years) or as a lump sum. According to Powerball, the jackpot has a cash value of $397.4 million. Under the annuity plan, winners will receive an immediate payment and then 29 annual payments that rise by 5% each year until finally reaching the total amount.

Officials urge anyone lucky enough to win a Powerball jackpot to consult a financial adviser — while keeping that valuable ticket safe — before showing up at a lottery office for an oversized check.

Most common Powerball numbers

According to data by LottoNumbers.com, which tracks lottery statistics and analysis, the current 10 most commonly drawn Powerball numbers are:

  • 61 (drawn 90 times)
  • 32 (89 times)
  • 21 (86 times)
  • 63 (85 times)
  • 36 (84 times)
  • 23 (82 times)
  • 69 (81 times)
  • 62 (78 times)
  • 37 (78 times)
  • 39 (78 times)

If you’re wondering what the least common Powerball numbers are, Lotto Numbers says the current three least common are 13 (drawn only 50 times), 34 (52 times) and 49 (54 times).

Visit the official Powerball website for more information and updates. Good luck!