Poisoning is top reason for ER visits by toddlers, teens

Poisoning is top reason for toddlers and teens to go to the ER_35768

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) –  Every 8 minutes, a child is taken to the emergency room for medicine poisoning, according to a new report from Safe Kids Worldwide.

Andrea Neuman-Taddei with Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley said toddlers and teens are most at risk for medicine poisoning and a trip to the ER.

She said part of the problem is that a lot of medicines look like candy. For example, a stomach relief pill resembles a piece of Sweetheart candy.

“To a young child, to a toddler, it all looks tasty,” Neuman-Taddei said.

But it is not just the medicine cabinet that poses risks. There is also open bags, like a purse.

Neuman-Taddei said it is easy for a child to reach in and grab products like creams, cough drops or eye drops and parents should try to keep those things out of reach.

“Definitely that hand sanitizer. It is easy open. They are not child resistant and that can go into little hands and mouths,” she said.

Many household cleaning products can be dangerous to little ones, too. Neuman-Taddei advises parents to keep those items up high and in locked cabinets.

“You might walk in on your child and see them just kind of playing with a lid and not knowing if they ingested any of this,” she said.

She said when in doubt, parents should call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222.

According to the Drug and Poison Information Center in this area, Mahoning County had nearly 2,500 calls last year, Trumbull had almost 2,300 calls and Columbiana had just over 1,000.

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