‘Please hurry’ woman whispers in 911 call about dead bodies in Ashland


ASHLAND, Ohio (WYTV/AP) – A woman in Ohio whose 911 call led to the discovery of three bodies in two counties whispered to a dispatcher to “please hurry,” and that she was scared.

The woman said in the call released by authorities Wednesday that she had been tied up in the Ashland house, but partly freed herself to make the call while the man was asleep.

The woman said her captor had a stun gun and she was afraid if she woke him, that he would catch her. The dispatcher stayed on the line until police arrived.PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT OF CALL

In the 911 call, which is over 16 minutes long, the dispatcher asks the woman a slew of questions. They ranged from where she was in the house to the man’s height, weight, and color of his hair and eyes.

Local dispatchers say that’s standard for this type of call.

“You ask all kinds of questions. You might ask landmarks if they saw anything, if they can hear anything, if they can smell anything, anything like that that would try to help you figure out where they’re at,” said Kelly Bryant, a Trumbull County 911 dispatcher.

The dispatcher in this case did all of that while remaining calm for nearly 15 minutes before police were able to get to the woman.

A reason why more than 100 miles away, Ernest Cook, director of Trumbull County 911, is praising the dispatcher for a job well done.

“She did a phenomenal job. She kept her on the line, she solicited the needed information to determine a location,” he said. “She asked all the right questions and a lot of times people say that’s kind of irrelevant. She’s trying to keep her on the line, she’s trying to keep that victim focused. In the meantime, a lot’s going on in the background.”

The woman’s call led to the discovery of two bodies in the house and another in Mansfield. Authorities say Shawn Grate, a suspect in the abduction, confessed to killing a woman at a house about 20 minutes away in June.

He was arrested and charged with two counts of murder and a kidnapping charge.

Grate remained jailed Wednesday as authorities identified one of the bodies and continued working to identify the other remains and collect evidence.

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