Pennsylvania students can get cash break on test for college credit

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The Pennsylvania Department of Education is offering up cash to help students get college credit.

A new initiative announced Thursday will provide students $33 toward the $85 fee to take AP exams.

That, combined with the College Board’s $32 fee reduction, allows qualified students to only pay $20 for the tests that could save thousands in tuition.

Research by the College Board shows that the number of low-income students taking AP exams grew by almost 4 percent in states which paid for some or all of exam costs.

Last year, more than 77,200 Pennsylvania high school students took AP exams. Approximately 10,000 used an AP exam fee reduction.

Under the agreement, the College Board will bill the Department of Education for the number of qualifying students who take the AP exams.

The 2019 AP exams will be administered during the first two weeks of May, with students receiving their results in mid-July.

The College Board’s website has information about how you can take advantage of the program.

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