YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Meteorologist Paul Wetzl worked side by side with Don Guthrie for nearly two decades. As we look back on Don’s life, Paul wanted to express what he had the pleasure of learning from his friend mentor.

Pauls’ narrative appears below:

Don Guthrie remembers his early years breaking into TV weather: “I got interested in weather long before I started doing it on television, and the opportunity came about when I started working here at WKBN way back in July of 1970. The TV program director at the time, a gentleman by the name of Norm Burger, said to me “Hey, do you want to do the weather on TV tonight?” I replied, “What?” And it just kind of went from there.”

What a journey it turned into. Little did I know that this guy who was given the opportunity to do the weather in the 70s would eventually become one of my best friends.

Don took me in from the first day. That was 17 years ago. How lucky I am to have spent my working career with a guy like Don Guthrie! He was welcoming to anyone. In fact, I was one of many who turned to him for advice and direction as I started my career.

Don was the Father away from home for so many reporters and anchors who moved to Youngstown to work here at WKBN. And what a father he was! We would spend hours talking about his family, that he loved so much.

If we were not talking weather, we were talking life. Don would make you feel right at home with any conversation. He wanted to know about your life, how you were, how your family was. We spent many hours bumping elbows in the weather center, many hours working through severe weather nights.

We never had an argument! It was an amazing working relationship that I was truly blessed to have. Here is a guy with 40 plus years of broadcast experience, and he never dripped one ounce of ego! He was respected, and he was true enough to respect others for their abilities. He was the true professional that cared about his viewers.

We were friends more than co-workers. We had so many laughs that we would cry sometimes. My time spent with Don was a pleasure that I will truly cherish forever.